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How to spell THARES correctly?

If you meant to type "thares" but it is a misspelling, here are some correct alternatives: "there's" - contraction for "there is", "thrones" - a term referring to seats of royalty or "theirs" - possessive form of "they". Always double-check spelling to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell thares correctly

  • ares
  • hares The hares raced around the field.
  • shares She bought shares of a company that produced sustainable clothing.
  • tares The farmer spent hours pulling out the tares from his wheat field.
  • Thais
  • thales Thales of Miletus was one of the first Greek philosophers and is considered the father of Western philosophy.
  • thames
  • thanes The thanes gathered at the castle to pledge their loyalty to the king.
  • thaws The Arctic thaws, uncovering a landscape of shifting ice.
  • theatres There are many theatres in New York City.
  • there There is a book on the desk.
  • theresa I met Theresa at the market.
  • Therese After her death, Therese became a Saint.
  • three
  • threes She always had a knack for winning at threes when playing cards with friends.
  • thresh I put the clothes in the washing machine on hot water and gave them a good thresh.
  • Threw
  • throes The economy is currently in the throes of a recession.
  • THURS I can't meet you on Thurs because I have a doctor's appointment.

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