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How to spell THEERED correctly?

If you find yourself typing "theered" instead of the correct spelling, here are some possible suggestions to help you out. "Threaded", referring to a discussion or a screw-like connection, is a likely option. Another possibility is "therefore", meaning as a result or consequently. Remember to double-check your spelling to avoid confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell theered correctly

  • Cheered
  • Jeered As he walked off the field, the opposing team jeered at him.
  • Leered He leered at me as I walked by, making me feel uncomfortable and unsafe.
  • Peered He peered through the window to see if anyone was home.
  • queered The gay crowd was queered up at the club.
  • sheared The sheep were sheared in the springtime to prepare for the hot summer weather.
  • Sheered
  • Themed This party is themed after Star Wars.
  • theorem The Pythagorean theorem states that in a right triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides.
  • there There are many different types of sports.
  • Thieved The necklace was thieved by the burglar who broke into the house.
  • tiered At the top of the tiered seating area was a bar with a view of the river.
  • Veered The car veered off the road and crashed into the tree.

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