Correct spelling for THERAN

We think the word theran is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for theran

  • Thereon(Definition of thereon)
  • 191. fair patience practise, for thereon still followeth content, iii.

  • Lutheran(Definition of lutheran)
  • He then studied at basel, and eventually became pastor of a lutheran church in the united states.

  • Heron(Definition of heron)
  • 16mo, $1.00. a white heron, and other stories.

  • Thrown(Definition of thrown)
  • "every one hasn't thrown you over.

  • Pre-Vatican
  • A report done as part of the australian governments royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse found that "the most notorious cases of sexual abuse in the australian church occurred in institutional settings in the 1940s–60s by men (and sometimes women) who were thoroughly trained in the strict morality and rigorous piety of the pre-vatican ii church," noting that "the ranks of abusers cuts right across the lines of conservatives and liberals, with both sides having their fair share of abusive clergy.

  • Therapy
  • Our interest was from the beginning essentially a psychological one. i shall have to be the more brief as my personal experience in the treatment of bodily diseases through mental therapy is entirely secondary and accidental.

  • Dug-In
  • Geoff watched an instant, and listened to the rattle of musketry from the men stretching along the british line who were not engaged in digging but in holding down the fire of the enemy-watched those sharper red flashes in the distance, listened to the roar of british batteries, and saw a sudden blinding flash above one of those dug-in turkish guns, and heard the splitting, thunderous report of a british shell as it got home on an enemy cannon; and then, though he watched for some few minutes, no sharp red point of light appeared above the spot, no answering report came from the gun dug into its hollow, for no doubt the british shell had put gun and crew out of action.

  • Thereat(Definition of Thereat)
  • It was a rondeau; i knew that by the shape, and the mother apologized for the indelicacy of it before permitting my own cheeks to blush thereat.

  • Threat(Definition of threat)
  • The first threat in london, for the 13th of march, a few days before the birth of the little princess, ended in utter failure.

  • Terran
  • The fenris year is a trifle shorter than the terran year we use for atomic era dating, eight thousand and a few odd galactic standard hours.

  • Tehran
  • The german road from baghdad to tehran will be met at hamadan.

  • Thorn(Definition of thorn)
  • A shudder of terror passed through the tender, and not yet fully developed limbs of the shepherdess; still she did not move; the grey birds which were now sitting on a thorn-bush near her flew up, but they had merely heard a noise, and could not distinguish who it was that it announced.

  • Than(Definition of Than)
  • "so it does-more than you can realise.

  • Therein(Definition of therein)
  • Thence i to westminster to look after the striking of my tallys, but nothing done or to be done therein.

  • Theron
  • Theron was interested in finding that this office-boy was no other than harvey-the lad who brought milk to the parsonage every morning.

  • Thread(Definition of thread)
  • We've got needles and thread and everything right in the machine, because we're on our way to camp."

  • Thurman
  • Ferguson and thurman continued their harrangue.

  • Then(Definition of then)
  • "then you did have a talk!

    I wait for high times and then I put on my best And I stick out my chest And I'm off to the races again!

    – High Times, Hard Times by Unknown Author
  • Throne(Definition of throne)
  • He has "taken his seat on the right hand of the throne of the majesty."

  • Tran
  • Anopheles ziemanni grunberg 1902 group hyrcanus (reid 1953) anopheles anthropophagus xu and feng 1975 anopheles argyropus swellengrebel 1914 anopheles belenrae rueda 2005 anopheles changfus ma 1981 anopheles chodukini martini 1929 anopheles dazhaius ma 1981 anopheles engarensis kanda & oguma 1978 anopheles hailarensis xu jinjiang & luo xinfu 1998 anopheles heiheensis ma 1981 anopheles hyrcanus* pallas 1771 anopheles junlianensis lei 1996 anopheles kiangsuensis xu and feng 1975 anopheles kleini rueda 2005 anopheles kummingensis dong & wang 1985 anopheles kweiyangensis yao & wu 1944 anopheles liangshanensis kang tan cao cheng yang & huang 1984 anopheles nimpe nguyen, tran & harbach anopheles pseudopictus graham 1899 anopheles pullus yamada 1937 anopheles sinensis* wiedemann 1828 anopheles sineroides yamada 1924 anopheles xiaokuanus ma 1981 anopheles xui dong, zhou, dong & mao 2007 anopheles yatsushiroensis miyazaki 1951 subgroup lesteri (harrison 1972) anopheles crawfordi reid 1953 anopheles kiangsuensis xu & feng 1975 anopheles lesteri de meillon 1931 anopheles paraliae sandosham 1959 anopheles peditaeniatus leicester 1908 anopheles vietnamensis manh hinh & vien 1993 subgroup nigerrimus (harrison 1972) anopheles nigerrimus* giles 1900 anopheles nitidus harrison, scanlon & reid 1973 anopheles pseudosinensis baisas 1935 anopheles pursati laveran 1902 group umbrosus (reid 1950) anopheles brevipalpis roper 1914 anopheles brevirostris reid 1950 anopheles hunteri strickland 1916 anopheles samarensis rozeboom 1951 anopheles similissimus strickland & chowdhury 1927 subgroup baezai (rattanarithikul et al.

  • There(Definition of there)
  • Even mother, there, looks ten years younger.

105 words made from the letters theran

5 letter words made from theran:

haten, erath, aneth, harte, renta, thern, tranh, thane, hater, haret, athen, rehan, netra, thena, naher, ahent, narth, naret, ather, ntare, hrant, reath, earnt, heart, rneth, tehan, haner, thean, nehra, taher, arent, neath, thrae, thare, rahne, terna, erhan, anter, earth, ertan.

3 letter words made from theran:

ert, hat, eat, ear, tar, rat, era, trh, het, ent, ate, ern, tan, are, tea, han, nth, art, ret, eta, hen, hrt, rna, ter, ant, ten, net, ane.

4 letter words made from theran:

thea, etna, trna, tehn, nhat, tare, ante, hart, heat, earn, hera, near, tear, tean, tern, rehn, raht, tera, reth, etah, hare, hate, rhea, rate, rahn, then, tarn, rant, ranh, hean, rahe, neat, neah, rent, tehr, hear, tahn.