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How to spell THEVES correctly?

If you find yourself unintentionally spelling "theves" instead of "thieves", don't worry! It's a simple mistake. The correct spelling is "thieves" which refers to people who steal. To avoid errors, try using spelling tools or proofreading your work. Revising and double-checking are essential to maintain clarity in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell theves correctly

  • Beeves The farmer raises beeves for their meat.
  • chives I added chopped chives to the potato salad.
  • EVES I like to sit on my porch during summer eves and watch the fireflies.
  • haves
  • heaves After lifting the heavy box, he feels the heaves in his chest as he catches his breath.
  • hives She developed hives after going on a hike through the woods.
  • Jeeves I'll ring the changes on Jeeves.
  • Nieves I am Nieves, nice to meet you.
  • peeves Peeves likes to whine whenever anyone does anything he doesn't like.
  • Reeves Herbert Reeves, the new head of the CIA, is nobel laureate.
  • shaves He shaves his face every morning with a razor.
  • Sheaves By the time they reached the top of the hill, the Sheaves were almost finished.
  • shoves
  • sieves The experimenter placed a number of sieves over the basin to catch the oil.
  • thales He was an ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician who developed the theory of thales.
  • thames
  • thanes The thanes pledged their loyalty and allegiance to the new king.
  • thebes I have a Prezi about ancient Thebes.
  • Thefts Thefts in the neighborhood have increased since the pandemic started.
  • theirs The car that they took to the beach is theirs.
  • themes Themes are a big part of my life.
  • theresa In the Theresa story, a young girl must choose between love and freedom.
  • Therese Therese was always a good listener.
  • therms The gas bill showed that we had used 50 therms of natural gas last month.
  • These
  • Theses The Theses is a book written by Martin Luther.
  • theseus Theseus was a legendary hero of ancient Greek mythology.
  • thesis My thesis is that vampires are unethical.
  • thetas The thetas of the equation were causing confusion for the students.
  • thews I have massive thews.
  • thieve The security system is designed to prevent thieve from stealing valuable items.
  • Thieved The diamond necklace was thieved from the jewelry store.
  • Thieves The thieves have stolen all of the money.
  • threes I counted the group of children, and there were threes of them walking hand in hand.
  • thrives The thrives in the hot weather.
  • throes The country was in the throes of an economic crisis.

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