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How to spell THIERS correctly?

If you accidentally typed "thiers" instead of "theirs", fret not! Autocorrect can play tricks on us all. The correct spelling, "theirs", is a possessive pronoun that signifies something belonging to a group or a person. It's always good to double-check those spellings to avoid any confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell thiers correctly

  • Hers She forgot her purse, but luckily hers was still on the table.
  • HIES Henry avoided HIES by jumping over the ditch.
  • others
  • theirs
  • therms The gas bill showed the usage in therms rather than cubic feet.
  • thews The athlete's impressive thews enabled her to lift twice her own weight.
  • Thieves The thieves stole all the valuable jewels from the museum.
  • thighs I felt embarrassed when I saw the size of her thighs.
  • thinners I need some thinners to reduce the thickness of my paint.
  • thins She thins her hair every few months because it tends to get too voluminous.
  • thirds I have three thirds of the ingredients that I need.
  • thirst I have a thirst for knowledge and love learning new things.
  • This
  • tiers
  • ties The family ties were very strong, and they always stayed connected no matter what happened.

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