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How to spell THINED correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "thined", it's essential to offer appropriate corrections to ensure clear communication. Possible suggestions could include "thinned", "tinted" or "tuned". These alternatives convey the intended meaning while adhering to spelling rules, allowing for accurate expression in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell thined correctly

  • chained
  • Chinned King Chinned shares his throne with his niece Princess Titania.
  • Coined The term "selfie" was coined in 2002 by a freelance photographer.
  • Dined I dined at a restaurant last night.
  • fined
  • Gained I've gained a lot of weight since the last time I saw you.
  • hind The hind legs of the deer were strong and powerful.
  • Hinged The cabinet door was hinged and opened with a key.
  • Honed The sharp objet d'art in Alexandra's collection was clearly honed by a skilled craftsman.
  • joined I joined the gym in order to get in shape.
  • lined She lined up her pencils on the desk in perfect order.
  • mined
  • pained
  • phoned I phoned my friend to tell him the good news.
  • Pined She pined for him every day since they'd parted ways.
  • Rained It rained heavily last night and caused flooding in some areas.
  • Reined The knight swiftly reined in his horse as he approached the towering castle gates.
  • ruined The hurricane ruined the entire town.
  • seined I found a seined salmon on the bank.
  • Shined
  • Shinned He shinned up the tree to reach the bird's nest.
  • tanned After spending a week in Hawaii, I returned with a nicely tanned complexion.
  • thane
  • thanes In the old days, when a thanes would travel, they would carry all of their possessions in a wagon.
  • Thanked She thanked him for his kindness.
  • thawed She thawed the ham in the oven.
  • Themed My party was themed "Wonder Woman's Out of Town Adventure.
  • Thieved The painting was thieved from the museum during a daring nighttime heist.
  • thin Your coat is too thin.
  • Thine "Take this ring, for it is thine.
  • thing
  • things I have lots of things I need to do.
  • thingy I have a thingy in my hand.
  • think I think we should leave early to avoid traffic.
  • thinker The philosopher was a great thinker and contributed greatly to the field of ethics.
  • thinly
  • thinned The bushes were thinned out by the landscaper to allow for more sunlight to reach the flowers.
  • thinner She wanted to appear thinner, so she started a strict diet and exercise program.
  • thins She thins down her soup to make it less thick.
  • third I have a third date with Gerald tonight.
  • tinged The touch of the rain on her skin tinged with the chill of evening.
  • tinned
  • toned After months of practicing yoga, she noticed her muscles had become more toned.
  • tuned I tuned my guitar before playing a song.
  • turned She turned away from the mirror and walked out of the room.
  • twined The vines twined around the trellis, creating a lush green wall.
  • veined The leaves of the plant were veined with delicate lines of green.
  • Whined The child whined for his mother to buy him a new toy.
  • wined After a long day at work, she wined and dined with her friends at a fancy restaurant.

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