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How to spell THINESS correctly?

"Thinness" is often misspelled as "thinnes" or "thinnness". Correct suggestions for the misspelling can be to retain only one "n" and add an "e" at the end, making it "thinness". Alternatively, one can use the synonym "slenderness" or "leanness" as a replacement to avoid misspelling altogether.

List of suggestions on how to spell thiness correctly

  • Hines She played tennis with Hines.
  • pithiness "You have to pithiness if you want to get anywhere.
  • thanes The thanes were loyal followers of the king, providing him with strong support and protection.
  • thickness The thickness of the baseball bat determines its durability and power.
  • Thine I give this gift to thee, for it is now thine to keep.
  • things I have so many things to do before tomorrow.
  • thinkers John and Jane both thinkers.
  • thinks He thinks we should go to the movies tonight.
  • thinners I need to find a new set of thinners for my paints.
  • thinness The thinness of the ice made it dangerous to walk on.
  • thinnest The new iPhone is the thinnest model yet.
  • thins She thins her hair with a razor to remove some of the bulk.
  • tines I need to buy a new fork because one of the tines is bent.

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