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How to spell THOOET correctly?

The misspelling "thooet" could be corrected to "tooth", "thought", "throat" or "thousand". Depending on the context, it may also be possible to determine the correct spelling by considering the word's meaning and how it fits within the sentence or phrase.

List of suggestions on how to spell thooet correctly

  • hoot
  • shooed The angry employee shooed the customers out of the store as he slammed the door shut.
  • shoot He aims carefully before he decides to shoot.
  • thole I went fishing with my dad this weekend and we caught a thole of fish.
  • Those Those who arrive early to the party usually get the best seats.
  • throat
  • throe I forgot my handkerchief, so I had to use my throe.
  • toot After eating the beans, the man felt the need to toot.

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