Correct spelling for THRAIN

We think the word thrain is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for thrain

  • bahrain Telecommunications: above average system includes open-wire lines, coaxial cables, radio relay, and troposcatter links; submarine cable to Bahrain; satellite earth stations-1 Indian Ocean INTELSAT and 1 Atlantic Ocean INTELSAT; over 38,200 telephones; stations-14 AM, 1 FM, 7 (30 repeaters) TV
  • brain Anne's brain was dizzy and stunned.
  • drain Merely the dropping of four little tablets into a tumbler of water and holding it to his lips to drain!
  • grain P.B., in all over half a grain, in one hour."
  • rain And all the time the rain was descending on her in torrents, and the chill dampness of the street creeping up her limbs.
  • tehran A broad outline of the behavior and proposals of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin at Tehran can be found in the diplomatic papers published in 1961 by the State Department, in a volume entitled Foreign Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers: The Conferences at Cairo and Tehran 1943. As to specific agreements on the postwar division and occupation of Germany, the Tehran papers reveal only that the European Advisory Commission would work out the details.
  • terrain Nobody could have remained in a normal seat on such terrain, but Bordman felt hopelessly undignified riding what amounted to a hobbyhorse.
  • therein When ambition enters the heart, honour and justice find no home therein.
  • thereon As the blue wreaths of smoke curled upwards a little ball ran to the top of the flagstaff on the keep, and the next moment the banner of Tremouille, with the arms of Rochemars of Bidache quartered thereon, spread out its folds to the morning, and Madame was come home once more.
  • thin A thin sparkle of light flickered through the air above his head as he spoke.
  • thrace It is said by Scymnus Chios above, that Abderus, who was devoured by the horses of Diomedes in Thrace, built the city, which bore his name.
  • thracian 3. In most of the Thracian, Illyrian, Greek and Slavonic languages.
  • thrall Often, it is true, the hateful scene held him in thrall by a mysterious spell and he would fain have torn the walls of the tent asunder, struck the detested Egyptian to the ground, and shouted into the faithless woman's face the name of Hosea, coupled with the harshest reproaches.
  • thrash Jackson fired up, and told him he must apologise at once or he would thrash him.
  • throne The shadow of a King, set on the throne by woman's love, is not the man to lead a forlorn hope.
  • thrown 81. What is the nature of the materials thrown out during volcanic eruptions?
  • train "Because I took the first train,-the 6.30." "But your telegram?"
  • turin Meanwhile, farther east, a French force of 15,000 men, drawn partly from Moreau's army and led by Moncey, was crossing the St. Gotthard pass and began to drive back the Austrian outposts in the upper valley of the Ticino; and 5,000 men, marching over the Mont Cenis pass, threatened Turin from the west.
  • Than 315. Did you not ask for more than 2s.
  • Theron Equally winning was the atmosphere of jollity and juvenile high spirits which pervaded the parsonage under these new conditions, and which Theron and Alice seemed to diffuse wherever they went.
  • Tran Executive branch: chief of state: President Tran Duc LUONG (since 24 September 1997) and Vice President Nguyen Thi BINH (since NA October 1992) head of government: Prime Minister Phan Van KHAI (since 25 September 1997); First Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Tan DUNG (since 29 September 1997); Deputy Prime Ministers Nguyen Cong TAN (since 29 September 1997), Ngo Xuan LOC (since 29 September 1997), Nguyen Manh CAM (since 29 September 1997), and Pham Gia KHIEM (since 29 September 1997) cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president on the proposal of the prime minister and ratification of the National Assembly elections: president elected by the National Assembly from among its members for a five-year term; election last held 25 September 1997 (next to be held when National Assembly meets following legislative elections in NA 2002); prime minister appointed by the president from among the members of the National Assembly; deputy prime ministers appointed by the prime minister election results: Tran Duc LUONG elected president; percent of National Assembly vote - NA

90 words made from the letters thrain

5 letter words made from thrain:

harin, artin, rinat, trani, rihan, rahit, hrant, nitra, intra, rathi, rhina, arhin, tranh, trian, harti, hirat, tiran, haint, intar, tahri, hitra, airth, thain, train, thani, hiant, nihat, ratin, riant, thira, nathi, nirta, rinta, narth, ritan, raith, ahint, harit.

3 letter words made from thrain:

hrt, nth, ain, tia, ani, tin, han, tai, art, tri, trh, rit, nit, rna, air, tan, tar, ira, hin, hat, rat, inh, ant.

4 letter words made from thrain:

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