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How to spell THRUY correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "thruy" instead of "thru" or "through", fret not! Autocorrect can sometimes be tricky. The correct spelling is "thru" for informal usage or "through" for formal contexts. So, next time, double-check your spelling to avoid confusion and slide smoothly through your sentences.

List of suggestions on how to spell thruy correctly

  • tarry We cannot tarry any longer, we must leave now.
  • terry Terry is a common name for both boys and girls.
  • They
  • thirty I have thirty minutes until my meeting starts.
  • thorny The thorny rose bush pricked my finger.
  • thou
  • three
  • Threw
  • throb I could feel my heart throb in my chest as I approached the stage to give my speech.
  • throe
  • throw He will throw the ball to his friends.
  • thrum The thrum of the helicopter blades drowned out all conversation.
  • thrush I caught a thrush singing in my balcony's corner.
  • thruway I always take the thruway to get to the airport faster.
  • Thu Thu loves to walk outside in the morning to check on the garden.
  • thud The ball crashed into the boards with a THUD.
  • thug He's a thug for robbing that store.
  • THUR
  • thus He thus explained the nuance of his remark.
  • Thy "Love thy neighbor as thyself" is a common phrase used in religious teachings.
  • tory The tory party has been in power for the past decade.
  • tray
  • trey He sank a trey from beyond the arc.
  • troy After spending weeks reassembling his bike troy spent the night fixing it.
  • true It is true that she graduated top of her class.
  • try I will try my best to finish the task before the deadline.

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