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How to spell THUFF correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "thuff", here are some possible suggestions for the correct spelling: "tough" or "stuff". The word "tough" refers to something difficult or resilient, while "stuff" denotes various objects or materials. Double-checking your spelling ensures clear communication and avoids confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell thuff correctly

  • buff He spent hours at the gym every day and was quite buff.
  • chaff The farmers separated the wheat grain from the chaff to ensure a better crop yield.
  • cuff The police officer told the suspect to put his hands behind his back and proceeded to cuff him.
  • duff I brought my duff bag with me on the camping trip.
  • guff I'm not interested in hearing your guff, just give me the facts.
  • HOFF
  • huff She let out a huff of frustration when she realized she had forgotten her keys.
  • huffy She stormed out of the room in a huffy manner after not getting her way.
  • luff As the wind died down, the sailor had to luff the sails to keep the boat moving.
  • puff She took a puff of her cigarette and leaned against the wall.
  • ruff The ruff around the dog's neck was fluffy and soft.
  • theft
  • thief The thief made off with the diamond necklace before anybody noticed.
  • Thu
  • thud
  • thug The city is plagued by thug violence.
  • thule The Thule people were among the first to settle in what is now Greenland.
  • thumb I accidentally hit my thumb with the hammer while trying to hang the picture frame.
  • THUR
  • thus I have forgotten the way home; thus, I will have to use the GPS.
  • tiff I forgot my phone, so I had to call my tiff again.
  • toff He looked like a toff with his expensive suit and polished shoes.
  • turf She likes to watch golf on the turf.
  • whiff I caught a whiff of freshly baked bread as I walked by the bakery.

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