Correct spelling for TID

We think the word tid is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for tid

  • aid Were you sent to my aid?"
  • bid And now I need say no more, but bid you pray for his soul."
  • i'd I'd forgotten the land business.
  • kid Say, kid, can't you learn to handle that ball?
  • lid The large easy-chair, with its cushions and pillows, was empty, and as he thought of the pale, dark face and aching head he had so often seen reclining there, and which he would never see again, he groaned in bitterness of spirit, for well he knew that he had helped to break the heart now lying cold and still beneath the coffin-lid.
  • mid And as she drove away the little bird called out to her: "Be home, be home ere mid-o'night Or else again you'll be a fright."
  • rid It was some little time before she could get rid of Mrs. Temple and Delilah.
  • tad So did Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Uncle Tad, but some one must have been around the camp with very soft feet in the darkness.
  • ted In the afternoon I played at ninepins with Mr. Pickering, I and Mr. Pett against him and Ted Osgood, and won a crown apiece of him.
  • ti Ti before a vowel has the sound of si as salvation, except an s goes before, as question; excepting likewise derivatives from words ending in ty, as mighty, mightier.
  • tia Meantime, the little brown Aztec boy had done nothing at all. However, when Friday afternoon came, he earnestly begged, and finally obtained, leave to go down to his home at Tia Juana.
  • tic Coprolalia is an occasional characteristic of tic disorders, in particular Tourette syndrome, although it is not required for a diagnosis of Tourette's and only about 10% of Tourettes patients exhibit coprolalia.
  • tide Toorn o' the tide!
  • tidy My frends, you air neat and tidy.
  • tie Bishop Tozer also came, and thanked me for tie service I had rendered to Dr. Livingstone.
  • tied I stopped and insisted that his gloves should be tied, and then we went on again.
  • tin Miss Davenport seated herself at a table on which was a tin trumpet, a tambourine, and a guitar.
  • tip "And tip them off to where it is, probably.
  • tod When friends approached it was let down with more than elaborate ceremony, the guests being escorted by Archie and welcomed on board by Tod.
  • Cid Then the Cid Ruydiez, the Campeador of Bivar, bade the Bishop Don Hieronymo give him the body of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and he received it with great devotion, on his knees, and weeping before them all.
  • Did You did it, you did it!
  • Hid I hid from you that I had been with that woman who lived with us, with her companion, the cashier of the Academie des Mongolfceristes.
  • Til To cure or kill them; take half a dozen Cloves of Garlick, boyle them very tender in Milk, then take them and dry the Milk out of them; put them into a spoonful of the best Oyle of Olives, and having steept them all Night, give them both to your Hawk, when she has cast, in the morning; feed her not til two hours after, and then with warm Meat, and keep her warm all that day.
  • Yid
  • Sid And when my crush on Sid was at its worst he shouldered me off by getting polite-something he only is to strangers.
  • Tim 1, 18; 1 Tim.
  • TD The typical antipsychotics remain attached to the D2 receptors and accumulate in the brain tissue which may lead to TD.
  • TDD 20 Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Working Group adopted a technology proposal that included the use of the HC-SDMA standard for the 625kHz Multi-Carrier time division duplex (TDD) mode of the standard.
  • ID Vell, how did you do id?

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