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How to spell TIHNK correctly?

If you accidentally type "tihnk" instead of "think", don't fret! Autocorrect may not save you, but here are some helpful suggestions. Instead of "tihnk", try "think" or "thing". Remember to proofread thoroughly to catch and correct these pesky typos. Happy writing!

List of suggestions on how to spell tihnk correctly

  • dink
  • fink I can't believe he would fink on his own brother.
  • ink He ran out of ink while printing the important document.
  • Jink When playing basketball, it's important to jink left or right to avoid the defender's attempt to block the shot.
  • kink
  • link Please let me know if there is a link I can follow to find more information on this topic.
  • mink The mink coat was made from the fur of many small animals.
  • oink The pig let out a loud oink when it saw the farmer.
  • pink I bought a pair of pink shoes for the summer.
  • rink I'm excited to go ice skating at the outdoor rink this weekend.
  • sink The sink is filled with dishes that need to be washed.
  • stink The garbage can in the kitchen began to stink after several days without being emptied.
  • tank
  • thank
  • think
  • thunk I heard a loud thunk when the heavy book fell off the table.
  • tick
  • tin I need to buy a tin of beans from the grocery store.
  • Tina My mom is always telling me to clean my room, but my sister always says that Tina does it better.
  • tine
  • ting I can't believe I won the ting!
  • tinny The tinny sound of the metal against metal was sickening.
  • TINS I have a few TINS of lip balm.
  • tint I added a tint of green to the paint to match the color of the grass.
  • tiny This little turtle is so tiny, he fit in my palm!
  • trunk The elephant stored food in his trunk.
  • Twink A twink is someone who is relatively young and often attractive, homosexual or transgender in orientation or expression.
  • wink She gave him a subtle wink across the crowded room.

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