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How to spell TILTTED correctly?

When faced with the misspelling "tiltted", here are some possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "tilted" would accurately reflect the intended meaning of an inclined or slanted position. Another option is "tilted", which means to push or thrust someone or something. Lastly, "tilted" describes a state of being mentally or emotionally unbalanced.

List of suggestions on how to spell tiltted correctly

  • dilated During the eye exam, the optometrist noticed that the patient's pupils were dilated.
  • diluted The flavor of the drink was diluted because the bartender added too much ice.
  • jilted "After being together for three years, Mary was heartbroken to find out that her boyfriend had jilted her for another woman.
  • Kilted
  • lilted I found her lilted voice relaxing after a long day.
  • milted I rolled around in the grass for so long that my skin became coated in a thin film of milted moisture.
  • Piloted Piloted the spacecraft to its destination.
  • Silted The harbor had silted up and was no longer deep enough for large ships to dock.
  • stilted The conversation felt stilted and uncomfortable as they struggled to find common ground.
  • tatted She's got a tatted arm.
  • tiled The bathroom floor was tiled with shiny white tiles.
  • tilled The farmer tilled the land in preparation for planting.
  • tilted The picture on the wall is slightly tilted to the left.
  • tinted The car windows were tinted to block out the bright sunlight.
  • tiptoed The cat tiptoed across the room.
  • titled The author's new book is titled "The Art of Letting Go.
  • toileted I often toileted my puppy after she ate to prevent any accidents in the house.
  • Totted The teacher totted up the scores on the board.
  • Trotted The horse trotted gracefully around the arena.
  • Twitted He twitted a funny comment on Twitter that went viral.
  • wilted

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