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How to spell TIMSE correctly?

If you are trying to type "timse" but realize it's a mistake, fret not! The correct spelling is "times". This small error often occurs due to typing quickly or accidentally hitting the wrong key. Just remember to double-check your work before hitting enter and you'll be free from misspelling mishaps.

List of suggestions on how to spell timse correctly

  • dime She found a dime on the sidewalk and added it to her collection of lucky coins.
  • dims The light dims as the sun sets over the horizon.
  • tame I was able to tame the wild horse with patience and skill.
  • TAMS
  • ties She wore a beautiful silk blouse with matching ties at the cuffs.
  • Tim
  • time I wish I had more time to complete all of my tasks.
  • timed I timed my jog today and ran the fastest I ever have.
  • timer
  • times
  • TIMEX I wear a TIMEX watch every day to keep track of time.
  • tissue She used a tissue to wipe her tears away.
  • tome
  • TOMS I love my new TOMS shoes, they're so comfortable!
  • trims She carefully trims the edges of the fabric before sewing.
  • tums I always carry Tums in my purse in case I get heartburn after eating spicy foods.

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