How to spell TINE correctly?

We think the word tine is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tine correctly

  • dine I wanted him to dine with us.
  • fine It's a fine night, though."
  • kine Along the road in the white moonlight they stamped as wantonly as any herd of kine; youths and maids with arms about each other, and all with faces flushed with ale-drinking, and the maids with tossing hair and draggled coats, and all the fresh garlands withered or scattered.
  • line Isabel's lips had a little line of white about them.
  • mine How did you think mine looked?
  • nine And time went by, nine o'clock came, and then ten o'clock.
  • pine The work will be different; those Western forests are all pine.
  • sine Employment or help from the government was almost a sine qua non for the production of works which required time and research.
  • tide The tide was turning-perhaps a storm was on the way-and we were miles, dreadful miles from dry land.
  • tie You then tie your clothes in a bundle, and they give you a nightshirt.
  • tile I have no doubt that in this instance tile would have been better and cheaper than the small stone drains that I have described.
  • time You must have time to think it over."
  • tin "An' the Visitashun no further away than to-morra at tin a.
  • tine Their names were Dorine and Christine; but the younger generations called them Auntie Rine and Auntie Tine:
  • ting Through the darkening sky swept a rosy pencil of living light; that utterly strange, pure beam whose coming never fails to clutch the throat of the beholder with the hand of ecstasy, the ray which the Tibetans name the Ting-Pa.
  • tinge She rose and advanced eagerly, with a faint tinge of color in her cheeks.
  • tint Meanwhile the imperial sun rode majestically downwards to the edge of the horizon,-and the sky blushed into the pale tint of a wild rose, that deepened softly and steadily with an ever-increasing fiery brilliance as the minutes glided noiselessly on to the enchanted midnight hour.
  • tiny And how tiny the children looked!
  • tire "Oh, I don't think she'll tire my wife.
  • tone They call it a "subdued tone."
  • tune He moved, and hummed a tune to break the silence; he got up and walked up and down, lest it should again master him.
  • twine I was counted a braw lass myself in me day, and one that could twine a lad round my thumb as fine as any, but I couldna have done thon, Miss Una."
  • vine It was a rocky shore, and down by the sea sat a beautiful youth with a panther skin over his shoulder, with vine leaves in his hair, with thyrsus in his hand.
  • wine Where is it, that wine?
  • Thine So the tablet told them nothing; and as, moreover, they distinguished less carefully between mine and thine, one trampled the turf and another snatched from the boughs a flower or fruit.
  • Tina Then all the other children went away, and Tina and Johnnie sat down and cried.
  • Stine Before launching the Goosebumps series, Stine authored three humorous science fiction books in the Space Cadets series titled Jerks in Training, Bozos on Patrol, and Losers in Space.
  • Taine Shortly after the termination of the great Franco-German conflict, M. Taine suggested in the Temps that subscribers to the better sort of journals might do a good deal for the enlightenment of the humbler classes by merely lending their newspapers in their neighborhood.
  • CINE Ernest Edgar 'Ernie Blake (1879–1961) was a pioneering exhibitor of motion pictures, Chairman of Kodak UK and responsible for all Kodak cine film sales in Britain, Europe and most of the British Empire for over twenty years.
  • TINS They are tough, I hear, and my knife is sharpest at the back since opening sardines and other tins, all rather small."
  • tines All my life it had rained bad luck-pitchforks, tines down.
  • zine Pagan Hel, indicating in a four star review by RAM Zine, describes, "Broken Flesh sure know how to engage with their skilled savagery, even if it does hold a (slight) Christian message.

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