How to spell TINEY correctly?

We think the word tiney is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tiney correctly

  • dine We are going to a country home, where we dine, in company with a few guests."
  • diner The Park Diner was on the way out of Kingston, heading towards Woodstock.
  • dingy But there was not-no one to see them stealing along that sombre-coloured wall-no eye to witness their entrance within the private side door that admitted them by a narrow passage into the unused apartments of the house-no eye to behold them as they stood within that small dark chamber, that communicated by a window of dingy glass with the large hall in which the guests of Henry Holtspur were assembled.
  • taney I have said, in substance, that the Dred Scott decision was in part based on assumed historical facts which were not really true, and I ought not to leave the subject without giving some reasons for saying this; I therefore give an instance or two, which I think fully sustain me. Chief Justice Taney, in delivering the opinion of the majority of the court, insists at great length that negroes were no part of the people who made, or for whom was made, the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution of the United States.
  • tawney "We have to be realistic," Tawney said.
  • teeny I 'spect it was something naughty, 'cos she sort of hissed it, like a nasty snake once did at me when I was a teeny baby in Injia, said Cherry lucidly, and then she looked up to be sure I was asleep, so I shutted my eyes ever so tight, and then she made the wax dollie and I watched her do it.
  • tin He turned towards the tin box, jingling his keys in a most practical and business-like way.
  • tine It was evident, from the arrival of these reenforcements and the construction of railway extensions from El Tine, on the Ramleh-Beersheba railway, to Deir Sincid and Belt Hanun, north of Gaza, and from Deir Sincid to Huj, and from reports of the transport of large supplies of ammunition and other stores to the Palestine front, that the Turks were determined to make every effort to maintain their position on the Gaza-Beersheba line.
  • ting Massa 'Roney tole de missus to pack up and go to de North, de fust ting in de morning.
  • tinge The sky was perfectly clear, and of a soft, blue-grey tinge; illumined by the new moon, a curve of light approaching its western bed.
  • tinny In crossing the meadows the autumn sun swung into their faces, a comfortable solace on a morning drive, exciting them forward toward Camberton that they might report in the little stucco chapel while the tinny college bell was still harshly calling to prayer.
  • tiny "We are tiny as yet; we have no force.
  • tone His tone was bitter.
  • toner "You are a sound Platonist, Miss Toner," Oldmeadow observed, and his kindness hardly cloaked his irony.
  • tune Living in tune with the springtime, thinking a man's thoughts, dreaming a man's dreams, doing a man's work.
  • tuner She wouldn't chuck dad for that doughboy piano tuner.
  • tunney Tunney Act, officially known as the Antitrust Procedures and Penalties Act
  • tunny I have eaten tunny in the gulf of Genoa, anchovies fresh out of the bay of Naples, and trout of the Salz-kammergut, and divers other fishy dainties rich and rare,-but the exquisite, the refined white-fish exceeds them all; concerning those cannibal fish (mullets were they, or lampreys?) which Lucullus fed in his fish-ponds, I cannot speak, never having tasted them; but even if they could be resuscitated, I would not degrade the refined, the delicate white-fish by a comparison with any such barbarian luxury.
  • Piney There could be no further doubt it was the very smell: this was the black coward that had chased him down the Piney long ago.
  • Tony Tony must take all the risk.
  • Tina Could Tina have gone to Dorcas?
  • Taine M. Taine, irritated apparently that Pope will not fit into his conception of English literature, exhibits the same deformities almost savagely.
  • tinier But before she can reflect upon its significance, the great convent bell breaks forth in noisy clangour, causing a flutter among the figures outside, with a scattering helter-skelter; for it is the first summons to vespers, soon followed by the tinier tinkle of the angelus.
  • tines Almost all foods are eaten with the fork, which should always be used in the right hand with the tines up.

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