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How to spell TINSLE correctly?

If you misspelled "tinsle", the correct spelling is "tinsel". Tinsel is a shiny, glittering decoration often used on Christmas trees. Some other possible correct suggestions for this misspelling include "tinsol", "tinsal" or "tinsil", but "tinsel" is the most commonly used and accepted spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell tinsle correctly

  • dingle I walked through the dingle and listened to the rustling leaves.
  • insole
  • tense I am feeling very tense before giving a presentation in front of an audience.
  • tensile His strength in the tensile pull of the rope amazed everyone.
  • tingle I feel a tingle in my fingers as they warm up by the fire.
  • tingles The sound of the orchestra gave me tingles.
  • tingly I felt a bit tingly after the kiss.
  • tinkle I could hear the tinkle of ice cubes as she poured me a glass of water.
  • TINS Our TINS are empty.
  • tinsel I hung strands of tinsel on the Christmas tree to add some sparkle to it.
  • tinseled The tinseled Christmas tree sparkled in the light.
  • tinsels The Christmas tree was adorned with sparkling tinsels.
  • tousle No matter how much she tried to tousle her hair, it always stuck up in curly mess.
  • tussle The two kids began to tussle over the last slice of pizza.

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