How to spell TIPP correctly?

We think the word tipp is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tipp correctly

  • dip That is, dip your oar into the water first and then push your arms and body forward.
  • hip Now when I was fast upward in the tree, and had made a bed upon a monstrous branch, and had the Diskos ready upon my hip, so that it should not fall but be nigh to my hand, I lay a little while thinking upon Naani; and I went not over to sleep immediately, which was strange; yet mayhaps because that my bed was so uncertain.
  • hippo It was probably a "Friend" who was the author of Die Deutsche Theologie, a book of mystical devotion, which had the curious fortune of being approved by Staupitz, the Vicar-General of the Augustinian Order, who recommended it to Luther, and by Luther himself, who published it A.D. 1516, as a book which should rank immediately after the Bible and the writings of S. Augustine of Hippo.
  • hippy At last, when we said positively that Thucydides should come to us no more, and then qualified the prohibition by allowing him to come every Sunday, she answered that she never would hurt the child's feelings by telling him not to come where his mother was; that people who did not love her children did not love her; and that, if Hippy went, she went.
  • kip " Kip" in this case meant closing our eyes and dozing.
  • lapp "They say he's not bought yet," says the Lapp carelessly.
  • lip His lower lip hung loose from his teeth and quivered.
  • lippi The kneeling monk on the right is Lippo Lippi himself.
  • nip A man needs something with a nip to it in this country."
  • nippy I need a cup of coffee to counteract the nippy temperatures outside.
  • pip
  • pipe The water flowed out of the pipe into the garden.
  • rip
  • ripe
  • sip
  • tamp
  • tap I tap my foot to the beat.
  • tape I've got a new tape for you.
  • taps I'm going to turn off the taps.
  • tarp The tent is set up under the tarp.
  • temp I need a temp for this job.
  • ti I need to Tell you something important, but I cannot do it over the phone.
  • tic If het is a tic, you have one, too.
  • tick Yesterday, I saw a tick on my bed.
  • tide
  • tidy My room always needs to be tidy before I go to sleep.
  • tie
  • tied
  • tier The lounge is divided into three tiers.
  • tiff I was about to enquire about her tiff with her friend, but then I saw the bouquet of flowers she had
  • tile
  • till The till drawer was empty.
  • time
  • tin I picked up a can of soup that was once filled with tin.
  • tine I have a tine of hay that I need to cut.
  • ting It's time for bed, ting!
  • tiny She had a tiny bit of wisdom to offer.
  • tip I would like to thank the staff of this restaurant for their great service.
  • tipped The waitress was tipped generously for her good service.
  • tipper I'm going to the bar to pick up my date, but I don't know her name, so I'm going to
  • tippet Fishing with a tippet is a great way to avoid lunging for a fish.
  • tipple I'mmissing my customary tipple of gin and tonic.
  • tipsy I got tipsy after imbibing too much of that wine.
  • tire
  • tito His name is Tito.
  • top She reached for the top drawer of the bureau.
  • topi
  • tops
  • trap
  • trip
  • tripe
  • tupi I'm from the Tupi tribe.
  • type Type your name in the textbox below.
  • typo I'm sorry, I typed "to" instead of "two.
  • vip
  • wipe
  • yip The yip of the dog caught my attention.
  • zip
  • zippy
  • ties
  • Til Please stop texting and turning your phone off.
  • Tina I can't believe Tina switched seats with me.
  • Tim
  • tips If you want to enjoy your vacation, follow these tips: pack light, drink plenty of water, and avoid the sun's
  • dips
  • OPP The police are looking for the owner of the OPP truck.
  • APP I'm going to need an APP for that.
  • PP She came up with a great plan -PP.
  • IPA I'm afraid that your pronunciation isn't quite correct - you should say "EYE-pah"
  • TSP
  • TWP
  • SUPP
  • DEPP
  • dippy I'm feeling a tad dippy.
  • lippy I always carry a lip balm in case of an emergency.

List of 4 words made from the word tipp

3 letter words made from tipp:

tip, pit, pip, ppi.

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