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How to spell TKRY correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "tkry" instead of a intended word, don't worry! Here are a few possible corrections based on context: "try", "tyro", "tarry", "tacky" or "tikka". Ensure to carefully proofread your text to avoid any such errors in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell tkry correctly

  • Cary I can't wait to visit Cary, North Carolina, it seems like a beautiful place.
  • Cory Cory is my neighbor who helps me with my garden.
  • cry She couldn't help but cry when she heard the devastating news.
  • dory Marlin and Dory became inseparable friends on their journey to find Nemo.
  • dry The desert was extremely dry.
  • gary Gary is my uncle's name.
  • gory
  • jury The jury found the defendant guilty after just a few hours of deliberation.
  • Kory Kory is a very kind person.
  • kr
  • okra I love sauteed okra with garlic and onions as a side dish.
  • tara Tara is the name of a celtic goddess associated with prosperity and protection.
  • tare The tare weight of the container should be deducted from the total weight to obtain the exact net weight of the product.
  • taro I love taro because it's so healthy for you!
  • tarry We must not tarry too long or we will miss our flight.
  • teary She had a teary-eyed expression after watching a sad movie.
  • Teri
  • TERR
  • terry Terry washes his car every weekend.
  • tire
  • tko The fighter delivered a fierce right hook that resulted in a swift TKO.
  • tokay I have never tasted a tokay, but I have heard it is a sweet wine.
  • tore Jenny accidentally tore her dress while playing outdoors.
  • tory The Tory party is a right-of-centre party in the United Kingdom.
  • TR
  • tray I found a tray of cookies on the table.
  • trey He managed to win the game after making an impressive trey in the final minutes.
  • troy After smashing two cups and puncturing a screen, Troy was banned from the cafe.
  • try
  • turk
  • tyre I need to replace the tyre on my car before my road trip.
  • tyro The tyro is becoming a pro

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