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How to spell TOALD correctly?

It is likely that the intended word was "told". Other possible correct suggestions could be "tolled" or "fold". However, context is key in determining the correct word, and the author should double-check their spelling and proofread their work before publishing.

List of suggestions on how to spell toald correctly

  • bald He decided to shave his head bald because he was losing too much hair.
  • bold I admire his bold decision to quit his job and start his own business.
  • Coaled The ship was coaled before beginning the long journey across the ocean.
  • cold
  • Donald Donald is my boss's name.
  • foaled
  • fold I always fold my clothes before putting them away in my dresser.
  • gold She always wears her gold necklace to special occasions.
  • hold I will hold the door open for you so you don't have to struggle with your bags.
  • load "I can't carry this heavy load by myself," he exclaimed as he struggled to lift the box.
  • mold The bread had gone bad and there was a layer of mold growing on it.
  • old The old man sat on the park bench feeding the birds.
  • sold I sold my old phone to a friend for a good price.
  • tad I'm feeling a tad sleepy after staying up late last night.
  • talc Flawless skin requires an application of talc, a powder made of the Element Silica.
  • tale She told a tale of when she was young and carefree.
  • Tali Tali always wears a necklace made of shells that she collected during her trip to the beach.
  • talk Let's have a talk about your behavior.
  • tall She was a tall woman with long, flowing hair.
  • teal My friend's car is a teal color.
  • toad I saw a toad in my garden this morning.
  • toady Don't antagonize the toady.
  • tod The tod departed with a heavy heart.
  • todd Todd is the new kid in school.
  • toed I walked on my toed toes.
  • togaed During the presentation, the togaed speaker held the audience captive with his passionate speech.
  • toil
  • Toiled She toiled for hours in the garden, planting vegetables and pulling weeds.
  • Told I told my friend to meet me at the park.
  • Tole She painted the tray with a beautiful design in tole.
  • toll
  • Tolled As the church bells tolled, signaling the start of the funeral procession, mourners began to congregate outside the church.
  • tool I need to buy a hammer, it's an important tool for home improvement projects.
  • tooled She tooled around the bend in her classic car.
  • total
  • totaled The car was totaled in the accident and had to be towed away.
  • Toward I walked toward the door.
  • trad
  • Wald "I enjoy taking long walks in the Wald and listening to the rustling leaves and chirping birds.
  • wold The wind was howling across the wold.

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