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How to spell TOALL correctly?

If you meant to write "toll", you could use "charge", "fee" or "fare". If you meant to write "tall", you could use "high", "towering" or "elevated". If you meant to write "towel", you could use "cloth", "rag" or "wipe". Check context to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell toall correctly

  • all All students must submit their assignments by Friday.
  • atoll
  • doll I bought a doll for my little girl.
  • stall The car engine began to stall as it approached the stop sign.
  • tail The dog wagged its tail eagerly when it saw its owner coming towards him.
  • talc She applied a light layer of talc to her skin to help reduce sweat and chafing.
  • tale The Tale of Scrooge was a captivating read.
  • Tali I am glad to meet you Tali.
  • talk
  • tall The tall skyscraper dominated the skyline.
  • tally I'll tally up the damage and let you know.
  • teal
  • tell
  • till I'll continue to work till late.
  • toil She endured hours of toil in the garden.
  • Told I was told that you were the one who wrote that article.
  • Tole My mother collects antique tole trays.
  • toll I would rather pay the toll than be late for my flight.
  • tolls I paid the tolls to cross the bridge.
  • tonal The tonal qualities of the singer's voice were praised by the judges.
  • tonally The work is tonally inconsistent.
  • tool
  • total I will total the cost of the materials.
  • totally I have no choice, I totally have to go.
  • troll
  • Tull

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