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How to spell TOATL correctly?

If you meant "total", a common misspelling is "toatl". To correct this error, you should simply switch the 'a' and 'o' to spell it correctly. "Total" refers to the entire sum or amount of something.

List of suggestions on how to spell toatl correctly

  • NATL
  • tail
  • tall Basketball players are usually tall.
  • tat She had a small tat on her ankle to honor her late grandmother.
  • tate
  • TATS She proudly displayed her intricate tats along her arms and back.
  • teal I have a lovely new dress in a shade of teal.
  • teat
  • TEATS The piglets were eagerly nursing on their mother's teats.
  • toad After swallowing a toad, I felt a little queasy.
  • TOADS I saw two toads hopping around in the garden.
  • toady
  • TOEFL I need to take the TOEFL to prove my English proficiency to the university.
  • toil After a long toil in the field, the farmers finally harvested their crop.
  • toll The toll of the bell echoed through the quiet village.
  • tonal The painter used a tonal palette to create a sense of depth in her landscape painting.
  • tool I need to buy a new tool for fixing my bike.
  • toot The train let out a loud toot as it passed through the town.
  • tootle I'm going to take a tootle.
  • toots I accidentally gave my toots too much hot sauce.
  • tort I was really sad after my dog died, but then I read about tort law and it made me feel a little better.
  • torte I love the hazelnut torte at that bakery.
  • Torts He sued her for Torts.
  • tot
  • total I spent the day at the beach and it was total relaxation.
  • tote I am going to the farmer's market and need to bring a tote to carry all my fresh produce.
  • TOTO
  • TOTS During the football game, the crowd cheered loudly every time TOTS scored a goal.
  • tout I tout for you every day.
  • touts
  • towel
  • trail I love hiking along the trail, admiring the beautiful view around me.
  • trawl The fishermen had to trawl the deep sea for hours before finally catching a big fish.

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