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How to spell TOB correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "tob" instead of the word you intended, here are a few possible corrections. It could be "top", referring to the upper part of something. Alternatively, "job" could be the intended word, relating to work or employment. Lastly, "toe" might be suitable, pertaining to the digits on our feet. Double-check and make the right choice!

List of suggestions on how to spell tob correctly

  • bob
  • cob
  • DOB I forgot to include my DOB on the application form.
  • fob I always forget my apartment keys, so I use a fob to unlock the door.
  • gob He lost a gob of money in that failed investment.
  • hob The hob in my kitchen is always clean as I enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients.
  • job
  • lob The baseball player will lob the ball to the pitcher.
  • mob The mob broke into the store and started looting everything in sight.
  • nob
  • ob
  • rob The thief used a gun to rob the bank.
  • sob She couldn't help but sob when she heard the devastating news.
  • tab
  • toby Toby is my favorite character in the TV show "The Office.
  • tod
  • toe
  • tog I tog my suitcase and headed for the gate.
  • tom Tom is excited to start his new job next week.
  • tomb The tomb was empty.
  • ton I need to buy a ton of paper for my printer.
  • too
  • top Top secret documents were being passed around the office in top secret.
  • tor She was reading a book in the garden when she noticed a tor.
  • tot The tot held up four fingers.
  • tow The truck driver attached the chain to the front of the car and began to tow it away.
  • toy I gave my little cousin a toy car for his birthday.
  • tub I need a new tub.
  • yob I can't believe that yob did that.

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