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How to spell TODEY correctly?

If you typed "todey" instead of "today", don't fret! Autocorrect can sometimes play tricks on us. For the correct spelling, try "today". Remember, double-checking is always beneficial to avoid such typos.

List of suggestions on how to spell todey correctly

  • teddy I cuddled up with my teddy bear when I went to bed last night.
  • tide
  • tidy She always keeps her room tidy, with everything in its place.
  • toady The new employee was constantly a toady to the boss, always agreeing with everything he said.
  • tod
  • today I feel so bright and alive today!
  • todd Todd is a great basketball coach.
  • toddy I always have a little toddy handy for when I get a cold.
  • toe I stubbed my toe on the bed frame.
  • toed He toed his shoes tightly to make sure they wouldn't slip off during the run.
  • tote She carried her books to class in a sturdy canvas tote bag.
  • toy I always loved playing with my toy cars when I was a child.

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