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How to spell TODIE correctly?

If you mistakenly type "todie" instead of "today", autocorrect may not save the day. To avoid confusion, ensure proper spelling by double-checking your message before sending. Additionally, consider proofreading or using grammar-checking tools to fix any misspellings before finalizing your written work.

List of suggestions on how to spell todie correctly

  • bode
  • bodied The athlete was in top form and had a well-bodied physique.
  • code
  • die
  • foodie As a foodie, she always looks for the best restaurants in town to try out.
  • iodide Iodide is a chemical element with the symbol I and atomic number 31.
  • Jodi Jodi called to let us know she will be arriving late for dinner.
  • Jodie
  • lode We struck pay dirt on our lode of gold.
  • mode Just in case there was any confusion, the mode of transportation for the newlyweds will be via helicopter.
  • node In a computer network, a node is a unit of transmission or reception of information.
  • ode I have a beautiful ode to you.
  • roadie I needed someone to help me load the equipment onto the truck, so I called up my roadie.
  • Rode
  • tide After waiting all day for the tide to turn, I was thrilled that it did before I got home.
  • Tidied I tidied my room before going to bed.
  • Tidies She tidies up her room every morning.
  • tie
  • Toadied He toadied to the boss in hopes of getting a promotion.
  • Toadies The politician surrounded himself with a group of toadies who would do anything to gain favor with him.
  • Tobit Tobit was the pious and righteous son of Tobit and Sarah.
  • tod
  • today Today is the day that I am finally going to meet my new friend.
  • todd Todd's parents are moving to Illinois.
  • toddle The little girl learned to toddle across the room on her own.
  • toddy I love to drink hot toddy on a cold winter evening.
  • toe
  • toil I feel tired from all my toil.
  • toke I toke a vape while I watched the game.
  • Tole I saw a beautiful tole tray in the antique store.
  • tome I borrowed a tome from the library to research my history paper.
  • Tommie Tommie is my cousin's nickname.
  • tone My voice had a flat tone to it.
  • Toni Toni won the race with her impressive speed and agility.
  • topi I always put my topi on before I go outside.
  • tore She tore off a piece of bread and ate it hungrily.
  • torte I am planning to bake a chocolate torte for our dinner party this weekend.
  • tote We packed our tote with sunscreen, towels and snacks.
  • townie The townie walked into the local diner, nodding to the regulars as he took a seat at the counter.

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