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How to spell TOGHT correctly?

If you meant to write "toght" but realized your mistake, don't worry! The correct term is "taught". This verb refers to the act of instructing or educating someone. So, next time, remember to double-check and ensure that you've spelled the word correctly!

List of suggestions on how to spell toght correctly

  • Bought I bought some new clothes for my vacation.
  • Fought
  • nought Despite his best efforts, he was left with nought but a pile of rubble where his business once stood.
  • ought You ought to finish your homework before watching television.
  • sought Many people sought shelter from the storm in the nearby buildings.
  • taught The teacher taught me how to solve that math problem.
  • thought
  • tight I need to loosen up my tight collar.
  • tights She wore black tights beneath her short skirt.
  • toast I plan to toast my new Roomba with some juice.
  • Tobit Tobit was a highly favored book of the Babylonian Jews.
  • tog I need to wear a warm tog if I am going to go swimming in the cold ocean.
  • toga I always feel so confidently escorted in a toga when I go out with my friends.
  • togo Togo is a country in West Africa known for its vibrant culture and traditional handicrafts.
  • tonight
  • toot Mommy is going to have to toot the tub for Billy because he's not getting out.
  • tort The plaintiff is seeking compensation for the injuries caused by the defendant's tort.
  • tosh
  • tot I tot the apple is a bit sour.
  • tough It was tough to watch her struggle through the challenging obstacle course.
  • tout I tout for the team all the time.

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