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How to spell TOKING correctly?

If you meant to type "toking" but misspelled it, here are some possible correct suggestions. You may have intended to write "talking", referring to engaging in conversation. Another accurate spelling could be "token", which represents a representative object or symbol. Lastly, if you meant something related to smoking, the correct term would be "smoking."

List of suggestions on how to spell toking correctly

  • coding I am interested in learning coding languages such as Python and Java.
  • coking At the peak of the coking process, the CO2 levels in the plant can be up to 10,000 times higher
  • Diking I'm going to diking today.
  • docking By docking your ship, you'll automatically enter the docking bay.
  • Doing
  • going I am going to the park to play.
  • joking I think she was joking when she said she wanted to move out.
  • king A king's duty is to rule over his kingdom justly and with wisdom.
  • poking She kept poking him until he finally woke up.
  • Staking I am staking my claim on that piece of land.
  • stocking
  • stoking She began stoking the fire to ensure it stayed warm throughout the night.
  • tacking While sailing, we can adjust our course by tacking back and forth across the wind.
  • taking We were taking pictures of the sunset when I accidentally fell down.
  • takings The takings from the fundraiser exceeded our expectations.
  • talking I'm talking to Sarah over the phone.
  • tanking The team intentionally started tanking after they realized they had no chance of making it to the playoffs.
  • Tasking Tasking myself with organizing my closet was a daunting challenge, but I felt accomplished once it was done.
  • ticking
  • ting I felt a ting in my fingers after holding the ice-cold beverage.
  • Toeing Toeing the line between enthusiasm and fanaticism can be a delicate balance.
  • token He gave her a token of his love by giving her a bouquet of flowers.
  • Tong
  • Toning I have added toning exercises to my daily workout routine to help strengthen and tighten my muscles.
  • Toting I always feel a little toting when I wear my new bag.
  • Towing Someone is towing my car.
  • toxin The toxin released by the snake caused severe symptoms in its victim.
  • toying He was toying with the idea of quitting his job and traveling around the world.
  • Tucking She was tucking her hair behind her ear as she nervously waited for her turn to speak.
  • Yoking He was yoking the two oxen together to pull the plow.

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