Correct spelling for TOKINS

We think the word tokins is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for tokins

  • taking David asked, taking the paper without looking at it.
  • takings Suydam bought an evening paper from the crippled newsboy who sat in his rolling-chair, warmly wrapped against the weather, and seemingly cheerful and contented with his takings.
  • token Not even a token to bid me be brave so far away in Austria?
  • tons Their prahus are about five tons each.
  • toxin Somebody put the pure toxin in his glass.
  • twins They did not look alike as twins often do, and they were very unlike in all their ways.
  • Atkins Coming back I met Colonell Atkins, who in other discourse did offer to give me a piece to receive of me 20 when he proves the late news of the Dutch, their drowning our men, at Guinny, and the truth is I find the generality of the world to fear that there is something of truth in it, and I do fear it too.
  • Coins The Spindrifters tossed coins to see who would make the first dive, and the lot fell to Rick and Tony.
  • Toxins And for two weeks he was forced to fight against the effect of the deadly toxins he had been inhaling for so long.
  • joins Two miles further down a small creek joins, and at 12 miles a high rocky hill was reached.
  • tokens He had ordered, he said, some tokens of his regard to be made for us, as he had nothing with him fit to offer us; he had been pleased to see us, and considered us as "three brothers."
  • tonics Father is giving iron tonics right and left, and has made up a gallon of pump water with a beautiful pink vegetable dye in it for Sally Winn so she won't have to die before he gets back.
  • towns In less than ten minutes I was whizzing along like anything over the most beautiful country, and through the queerest old towns, and by the strangest houses with points and caps and corners like great table-casters cut in stone.
  • skins In summer, the skins of birds and their feathers clothed her lightly, and with many and rich colors, while the forest flowers decked her hair.
  • TINS Then we gathered up their clothes and put corresponding numbers on labels attached to them-first turning out the pockets, which are filled with all manner of things, from tins of sardines to loaded revolvers.
  • tocsins
  • toucans
  • tokes
  • airish
  • desexualizing
  • diablos
  • dimings
  • diminishings
  • inter-loping
  • inter-nuncios

94 words made from the letters tokins

4 letter words made from tokins:

kton, kino, tonk, oski, nito, ikon, siok, tion, otis, osik, okin, kons, tkos, knit, inks, sion, otik, koit, toks, ikot, tosk, tons, skit, skio, knot, snot, sink, tiko, skin, inst, tink, snit, itno, kits, kito, koni, iton, knst, skon, nits, oink.

5 letter words made from tokins:

tosin, istok, tsion, tinos, nikto, sonti, ikons, kinst, konis, inkos, konti, kosti, tinks, stonk, tonks, sinko, noski, tonis, sitno, isnot, kinos, kiton, skint, oskin, nkosi, toski, stink, oints, oinks, knost, nisko, kotin, kosin, sitko, tions, knots, sonik.

3 letter words made from tokins:

kin, tko, kit, ink, tin, ion, ton, not, son, sot, sit, iso, sin, ski, kos, nit.

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