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How to spell TOLDING correctly?

If you meant "telling", try that instead. If you meant a different word, such as "holding", "folding" or "molding", try one of those instead. It's important to make sure your spelling is accurate for clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell tolding correctly

  • balding My uncle is balding, and he's starting to lose his hair.
  • Bolting The horse suddenly spooked, bolting towards the open field.
  • Doling The charity was doling out free lunches to the homeless people in the park.
  • folding
  • gelding The gelding was very well-behaved during the horse show.
  • gilding The ornate frame had intricate gilding that shimmered in the light.
  • golding Golding was the author of the classic novel "Lord of the Flies.
  • holding
  • jolting The jolting ride on the bumpy road made me feel very nauseous.
  • loading I am waiting for the webpage to finish loading.
  • Lording He was lording over his employees, always reminding them of his authority.
  • Melding The melding of different cultures can lead to unique and exciting new experiences.
  • molding
  • molting The bird was in the process of molting, shedding its old feathers for new ones.
  • moulding He spent the weekend finishing the moulding in the living room.
  • talking
  • telling She was afraid of telling him the truth.
  • tending She spent most of the day tending to her garden.
  • Tiding The tiding of the news spread quickly throughout the village.
  • tiling
  • tilling The farmer was tilling the land in preparation for planting.
  • Tilting I'm always tilting my head to the side to hear the tinny sound of the children's laughter.
  • Toddling The toddler was toddling around in the park, enjoying the sunshine.
  • toiling I have been toiling all day in the hot sun to finish my yard work before the rain comes.
  • Tolling The church bells were tolling mournfully in the distance.
  • tooling He spent hours in the garage, tooling around with different bits and pieces trying to make the perfect sculpture.
  • Tooting The tube station is called Tooting.
  • Toting I'm not sure if I should toting my Louis Vuitton or my Prada.
  • Totting I saw my neighbor totting a basket full of fruits from the market.
  • Touting The restaurant is touting their specials.
  • trading I am interested in trading stocks online.
  • welding My dad is a skilled welder and he can do any welding job with ease.

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