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How to spell TOOFING correctly?

If you meant "toofing" as a misspelling for "tooting", here are some correct suggestions. Tooting is the emission of a sound or a brief blast, often produced by a horn or a musical instrument. Alternatively, "roofing" refers to the process of constructing or repairing a roof, while "toothing" can mean interlocking, like the teeth of a gear.

List of suggestions on how to spell toofing correctly

  • goofing I often find myself goofing around with my friends.
  • hoofing I spotted a group of dancers hoofing it on the sidewalk.
  • roofing The roofing company provided a free estimate of the cost to repair the damage to our roof.
  • tooling The company is investing in new tooling to improve the efficiency of their manufacturing process.
  • tooting The sound of car horn tooting in the traffic jam made me anxious.
  • woofing I heard my neighbor's dog woofing loudly all morning.

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