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How to spell TOOGD correctly?

The misspelling "toogd" could possibly be corrected to the word "tossed". It seems likely that the intended word was "tossed" which means to throw something lightly or carelessly. This correction makes more sense in the context of common usage and grammar.

List of suggestions on how to spell toogd correctly

  • booed The player was booed by the crowd after making a mistake in the game.
  • cooed She cooed to the baby in a soothing voice, trying to get the fussy child to calm down.
  • Food I love to cook and try new kinds of food.
  • Good Good deeds often go unnoticed, but they make a big impact on the world.
  • Hood He always wears a hood when it's raining outside.
  • mood I'm in a good mood today because the sun is shining and I got a good night's sleep.
  • mooed The cow lifted her head and mooed loudly.
  • Moog I love the Moog synthesizer's warm and rich sound.
  • OGD
  • pooed I pooed my pants when I was a child.
  • rood In some Medieval churches, a rood screen could be found separating the nave from the chancel.
  • stood I stood outside the store waiting for it to open.
  • stooge He always agreed with the boss, acting as his loyal stooge.
  • TGD
  • toad The toad hopped across the pavement.
  • Tod Tod was disappointed when he didn't get the job he had applied for.
  • Todd Todd is my neighbor and he always offers to mow my lawn.
  • toed The frog toed the line between the water and the land.
  • tog I need to pack warm clothes like a coat and trousers to wear togEther.
  • toga In ancient Rome, the toga was a garment worn by male citizens over their tunics for formal occasions.
  • togged He was togged out in his best suit for the wedding reception.
  • Togo Togo is a West African country known for its pristine beaches and wildlife reserves.
  • togs I need to buy new togs before I go on vacation.
  • toked I have never toked marijuana before.
  • told Tom told his family about his plans to travel abroad next month.
  • toned She worked hard to get toned for summer.
  • tong
  • Tonga I would love to visit the beautiful beaches of Tonga one day.
  • tonged He tonged the shrimp out of the boiling water.
  • tongs She grabbed the hot pan with the tongs to take it off the stove.
  • too She spoke too quickly for me to understand her.
  • took I took a shortcut to get to the park faster.
  • tool I need a hammer as a tool to finish building this bookshelf.
  • Toole
  • tooled The artisan tooled intricate designs onto the leather saddle with precision and care.
  • tools I need some new tools to fix my broken bike.
  • toot The child loves to toot the toy trumpet that his grandparents gave him.
  • tooted The car behind me tooted its horn loudly, startling me.
  • tooth My tooth started hurting after I ate the candy.
  • toots My grandfather loves tootsie rolls, but he calls them "toots."
  • toted I toted all of my textbooks to the library to study for my exams.
  • tough The coach gave a tough message to the team after their fourth loss in a row.
  • towed My car was towed to the mechanic after it broke down on the side of the road.
  • toyed She toyed with the idea of going on a spontaneous road trip, but ultimately decided against it.
  • trod The horse trod carefully along the narrow path through the forest.
  • Wood I love the natural beauty and warmth that wood brings to a home.
  • wooed She was wooed by his charming smile and suave compliments.

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