Correct spelling for TOOUR

We think the word toour is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for toour

  • dolour She passed the night in great fear and inexpressible dolour and the new day being come and the hour of tierce past, she was fain, constrained by hunger, for that she had not supped overnight, to browse upon herbs; and having fed as best she might, she gave herself, weeping, to various thoughts of her future life.
  • door Old Cummerly, next door to me, had his replated."
  • dour It was as though the black bat carried captive on its back a weary pilgrim from the Primrose Hunt, jaded and spent and dour, who saw in the sacred fires what he had cast away, what he had deemed worthless and of a sudden had seen in its true beauty and in its real value.
  • odour They smell also a disagreeable odour now.
  • tao It is the Absolute of Western philosophers, the Parabrahm of the Hindus, the Tao of the ancient sages of China, the causeless Cause of all that has been or ever will be manifested in concrete time and space.
  • tar I scrambled back through the trees not tar from that spot and looked around.
  • tau Tau stood there, regarding him with sober intensity.
  • toe As I was setting forth at good speed, hand in hand with my new friend, she looked at the little maid's plain garb from top to toe, and not kindly.
  • tofu Agedashi dofu (揚げ出し豆腐) – cubes of deep-fried silken tofu served in hot broth Tenkasu
  • too It was too great.
  • tool Command me; I am thy humble servant, and but a weak tool in thy hands.
  • toot Pedestrians half a block away heard it and felt sorry for Mrs. Wiggs, the unhappy wife of the town sot, who, it went without saying, must be on another "toot."
  • tor Maids like to be married on the tor.
  • tour An' he wint on a lecther tour, an' here he is.
  • tout After a few miles' ride we crossed a low range of hills, and came upon the flourishing district of Be-tout,-literally, "without mulberries."
  • tow The Wyndhams and Hope-Actons, with Lady Grace in tow, were the first to appear upon the scene.
  • toy It is a toy, i' faith, given to us, we know not why, to play with as we chance to please.
  • tumour
  • Our However we shall do our best.
  • Took He took me to Escobedo.
  • Tooter Tooter whispered something to Teresa, whereupon she gave him a parting kiss, flounced off his lap, and passed out of the room, with her head high in the air, her black eyes snapping, and saying something that sounded like: "Impertinent loafers!" as she passed us.
  • Tue
  • Tu As I spoke of the strong and general Canadian feeling of loyalty to the English Crown and connection, a Yankee bystander observed- "Wal, stranger, I reckon we could take 'em if we wanted tu!"
  • tours Tours, Orleans, and Chartres alone appear to be the only recognized representatives of this section of France which have hitherto attracted due attention.
  • catholic-jewish The bishops who signed the letter cited the Polish Pope John Paul II who was opposed to antisemitism, and believed in founding Catholic-Jewish relations.
  • pro-china Other political or pressure groups: Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood (ADPL), Frederick FUNG Kin Kee, chairman; Liberal Democratic Federation, HU Fa-kuang, chairman; Federation of Trade Unions (pro-China), LEE Chark-tim, president; Hong Kong and Kowloon Trade Union Council (pro-Taiwan); Confederation of Trade Unions (pro-democracy), LEE Cheuk-yan, chairman; Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce; Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (pro-China); Federation of Hong Kong Industries; Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union, CHEUNG Man-kwong, president; Hong Kong Alliance in Support of the Patriotic Democratic Movement in China, Szeto WAH, chairman

22 words made from the letters toour

4 letter words made from toour:

ooru, tuor, turo, toor, oort, orto, utor, rout, otro, tour, root, ouro, ruto.

3 letter words made from toour:

out, rot, oto, too, tor, rut, uro.

5 letter words made from toour:

touro, outro.

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