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How to spell TOREAD correctly?

If you meant "to read", please consider using the correct spelling. If you meant something else, please provide more context.

List of suggestions on how to spell toread correctly

  • dread
  • read
  • stored I have stored my winter clothes in the attic until next season.
  • Tared I tared the scale before measuring the ingredients.
  • thread I need to thread the needle so I can sew this torn shirt.
  • tired I'm so tired after running a marathon.
  • toad The toad croaked loudly as I stepped on a nearby twig.
  • toed
  • torah Jews read from the Torah during ceremonies.
  • tore She quickly tore open the letter to see what was written inside.
  • toreador The toreador bravely faced the bull in the arena.
  • torrid A torrid day is one that is very hot.
  • Toured We toured the city and had a blast.
  • trad The trad scale is a dental scale which measures the weight of a tooth.
  • tread She walked on the tread of the stairs.
  • TREADS The tires of the car had worn-out treads, making it risky to drive on a wet road.
  • treat I'm going to treat myself to some ice cream.
  • treed The raccoon was treed by the dogs and couldn't come down until the next morning.
  • trend The trend of wearing oversized clothes is becoming more popular.
  • triad The triad of the three primary colors can be combined to produce any other color.

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