Correct spelling for TORIE'S

We think the word torie's is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for torie's

  • doris Meanwhile the Phocians made an expedition against Doris, the old home of the Lacedaemonians, containing the towns of Boeum, Kitinium, and Erineum.
  • torus
  • Dowries In an age when princesses of the great royal houses were from their infancy regarded as matrimonial pledges for the maintenance of international treaties, few were promised or sought so frequently as Margaret; for an alliance with her meant the support of the Empire and the States of Burgundy, whilst her two rich dowries from earlier marriages made her as desirable from a financial point of view as she was personally and politically.
  • Tories
  • Stories
  • Torres
  • Trees
  • tarries
  • tries
  • dories But suppose now you were haddocking-trawling-eight or ten dories, and you just arrived on the grounds, picked out a good spot, and there you are-you're all baited up and ready?
  • tires
  • dries This brilliant growth is, however, short-lived, for the heat of the sun dries it up as quickly as it appears, and even the corn itself is in danger of being burnt up before reaching maturity.
  • tares
  • tortes
  • trios
  • trues
  • inter-sowed
  • hussars One or two dismounted soldiers of the Third Hussars sat in the doorway, listening to the cannon; but, except for these listless troopers, a few nervous sparrows, and here and there a skulking peasant, slinking off with a load of household furniture on his back, the street was deserted.

134 words made from the letters torie's

3 letter words made from torie's:

ies, 'or, ret, irs, ire, ter, 'is, 'to, r's, eos, sot, 're, sit, t's, ore, set, to', rio, toe, 'te, 'er, roe, est, i's, esr, tie, rit, sir, iso, tor, 'ie, res, tri, rot, e's, ert.

4 letter words made from torie's:

rite, sire, sort, o'er, its', reti, trio, treo, tire, toer, orti, ties, 'est, rise, seor, tier, re's, rose, or's, 'ite, site, eros, oser, tero, seoi, it's, rots, stir, sore, otis, riot, toei, rest, rote, tiro, orte, r'es, erst, eris, trei, ries, reit, tore, 'tis, teso.

5 letter words made from torie's:

steir, istre, rosit, i'ers, tries, siero, sirte, rites, soire, treis, rotie, resto, 'ites, siter, oteri, stire, sitoe, resit, store, istoe, rotis, oster, oestr, seito, treos, risto, tirso, 'reso, tiers, itser, strei, stroe, siret, rotes, toser, riets, trios, ito's, orest, stoer, trois, reios, triso, trise, osier, rosti, serot, troie, ister, eorsi, osite, reist, tires.

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