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How to spell TOUCED correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "touced", worry not! The correct spelling is actually "touched". This word suggests a physical or emotional connection, making it an essential part of communication. So, remember to double-check your spelling and make sure you're getting your message across accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell touced correctly

  • douched
  • Doused I doused the fabric with bleach to get rid of the stain.
  • Educed Educed by his own hard work, he became a successful entrepreneur.
  • forced She was forced to drink the potion.
  • Housed
  • loused Her hair was loused with grease.
  • Moused He quickly moused over the link to see where it would take him.
  • Roused What had been a dark and dreary day suddenly brightened as my mother roused us from our slumber.
  • Sauced I love my sauced up spaghetti!
  • sourced The ingredients used in this recipe were carefully sourced from local farms.
  • soused Last night, I got so soused at the party, I puked all over the host's shoes.
  • toed I kicked the toed cap off the orange.
  • togaed The togaed senator made an impressive speech at the rally.
  • togged She togged out after work.
  • Toiled He toiled in the garden all day and was exhausted by evening.
  • Tolled The traffic on the expressway was tolled.
  • toned She had been working out regularly and her muscles were now toned.
  • tooled The automobile was tooled by the best craftsmen in the country.
  • Tooted The car horn tooted loudly, causing the pedestrians to jump in surprise.
  • topped She topped the cake with a cherry on top.
  • torched The building had been set on fire and torched.
  • Tossed I tossed the ball to my little sister.
  • Toted I toted my heavy suitcase through the airport.
  • Totted I don't mind if you totted in my drink.
  • touched She was so moved by the kindness of the stranger that she touched her heart.
  • Toured We toured the city on foot to get a better understanding of its layout.
  • tousled I woke up with tousled hair after tossing and turning all night.
  • Touted The new restaurant is touted by the local paper as the best new restaurant in town.
  • Towed Yesterday, my car got towed and now I have to pay a hefty fine to get it back.
  • toyed I toyed with the idea of telling them the truth, but I didn't want to ruin their day.
  • traced She traced her finger along the edge of the old book, marveling at the intricate design carved into the leather cover.
  • trued
  • tubed The video of the concert was tubed on YouTube for fans to watch.
  • tucked My shirt was tucked in so tightly, it looked like it was painted on.
  • tuned I tuned into my favorite station, hoping to find some new music to listen to.
  • voiced

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