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How to spell TOUGHES correctly?

If you're trying to correct the misspelling "toughes", there are a few possible suggestions. The correct spelling might be "toughs", referring to a group of intimidating individuals. Alternatively, it could be "toughs", meaning the competitiveness or difficulty of a situation. Finally, the correct term might be "touches", involving gentle contact or interactions.

List of suggestions on how to spell toughes correctly

  • touches The warm sun touches my face as I lay on the beach.
  • toughen He enrolled in a boot camp to toughen up his body and mind.
  • toughens Regular exercise toughens your muscles and strengthens your overall health.
  • tougher This year's competition is tougher than last year's.
  • toughest It was the toughest fight of my life.
  • toughies I had to skip over a few toughies in my math homework before I finally got to a problem I could solve.
  • toughs The police officer was outnumbered by a group of toughs who were causing a disturbance.

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