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How to spell TOUNGE correctly?

The correct spelling for the misspelling "tounge" is "tongue". Always remember to include the letter "u" after the letter "o" when spelling this word. One way to remember this is to associate the word with the action of sticking out your tongue, which has both the letter "o" and "u."

List of suggestions on how to spell tounge correctly

  • gunge After spilling her coffee all over her suit, she found herself with gunge all over her hands and arms.
  • lounge
  • lounger I bought a new lounger for my backyard so I can relax outside on sunny days.
  • lunge The yoga teacher instructed her students to lunge forward into warrior pose.
  • tinge The sky took on a beautiful tinge of pink as the sun began to set.
  • tone I need to tone down my anger before my co-worker notices.
  • Tong My aunt enjoys using chopsticks to eat stir-fry, but I prefer to use a tong.
  • tonga
  • tonged I need to get my tonged.
  • tongs Bob was wearing his Chef's apron and his tongs.
  • tongue I have a very long tongue.
  • tonnage The ship had a tonnage of 800 metric tons.
  • tonne She drives a tonne of iron.
  • townee
  • townie
  • tune The tune of the birds' song made me feel happy.
  • young She's young, isn't she?
  • younger My younger brother is still in high school.

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