How to spell TOURNIE correctly?

We think the word tournie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tournie correctly

  • done No. I have done.
  • dune When crossing a sand dune piled up by the winds the abbot from Hangchow remarked that this was called the flying sand, wafted there by the goddess who took pity on some travelers who had been compelled to cross a narrow strait in order to come to a cave.
  • routine Since the end of the week, in many schools, is chosen for a break in the usual routine, Friday afternoon seems a suitable time for Household Management lessons.
  • tarn Then Tarn made a movement with his hand, and the dog got up, shook himself, and walked slowly towards me.
  • tern The little chick lay flat in the burning sun, while overhead hung the mother tern, pearl-white with black-tipped wings, making a grinding, scolding note.
  • terrine
  • tine Every day, Jane walked to the store to buy her groceries.
  • toluene I can't breathe, it smells like toluene in here.
  • ton abbreviation of tonne
  • tone Her serious tone made it clear that she wasn't happy.
  • tonic
  • tonne I can carry a tonne of luggage.
  • tore
  • torn
  • toughie
  • tour
  • touring We're going to be touring the area for the next week.
  • tourney
  • towline I used the towline to secure the boat to the dock.
  • town
  • townee
  • townie She's a townie at heart.
  • tun Turn right at the intersection.
  • tuna
  • tune
  • tuner Bob is a good tuner.
  • tunic
  • tunis I learned about Tunisia in elementary school.
  • tunney I saw a lion in the zoo, but I wasn't as excited about it as I was about seeing Teddy, the t
  • turbine
  • turin Italy's capital city is Turin.
  • turing
  • turn I need to turn around so I can go back the way I came.
  • turned
  • turner In order to turn a light switch off, one must turn the knob to the "off" position.
  • turning
  • turnip
  • turnkey
  • Toeing The toeing practice is essential to good skiing.
  • Tunnies She had a box of tunnies on her nightstand.
  • Touting I always like to hear the baristas touting their newest flavors, but they all taste the same to me.
  • Toni I'm Toni, and I love spending time with my family and friends.
  • Donnie Just-his middle name, Donnie-an' he could -sign it-Robert H.-McGraw.
  • Tonia I have a meeting with Tonia at nine.
  • Taine And Taine, when dipping into the book for examples of Balzac's style, neutralizes his praise of one portion by his depreciation of another.
  • turns I turned around and saw the thief in the act.
  • tinier
  • tourneys I'm planning a series of Travels around the area.
  • townies Some of my townies are total scumbags.

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  • patents
  • patient
  • patients
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  • portent
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