What is the correct spelling for TOUSEND?

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Correct spelling for TOUSEND

We think the word tousend is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for tousend

  • descend Meanwhile, Cliges must needs descend a deep valley between two mountains.
  • dosed Sealing both letters with a Toula seal, on which were engraven two flaming hearts with an appropriate inscription, she at last threw herself upon her bed before daybreak, and dosed off, though even then she was awakened from one moment to another by terrible thoughts.
  • godsend Preston's wife was a godsend.
  • send Send for a lantern.
  • sound Yes, decidedly the sound came from the window.
  • teased I was so often reproached and teased for being little, that it gave me great satisfaction to beat a five-foot boy to the goal.
  • tend The gloom did not tend to raise his spirits, and in the total lack of objects to attract his eye, he soon fell to introspection as before.
  • tensed Spurrier, outwardly a picture of serenity, but inwardly tensed for the final issue, sat in the visitors' gallery of the Senate chamber.
  • thousand It can go a thousand miles at a jump.
  • toasted Kerns, undisturbed, applied himself to cocoa and toasted muffins.
  • toned But her paleness toned to pink and not to gray.
  • toughened His sixty years of exposure, hardship, and danger seemed to have but toughened his physique and strengthened his vitality.
  • tousled "Silver Phil is a little, dark, ignorant, tousled-ha'red party, none too neat in costume.
  • townsend To Whitehall to my Lord, who did tell me that he would have me go to Mr. Townsend, whom he had ordered to discover to me the whole mystery of the Wardrobe, and none else but me, and that he will make me deputy with him for fear that he should die in my Lord's absence, of which I was glad.
  • trend The obstinate downward trend of the brows, the narrowing blue gaze signalled mutiny to the woman who knew her so well.
  • tuned He tuned it with a bone forceps.
  • turned Thorne turned to Mrs. Farquhar.
  • Doused Here he threw himself flat and, laying aside his precious pipe, drank long and eagerly; then with sudden plunge doused his hot face in the cooling flood and came up dripping.
  • Tossed He turned and tossed in his bed nervously.
  • Tusked Two large-tusked elephants were thus killed, but we wanted two more; for we had seen by the footprints that there were two other large bulls in this herd.
  • Rosendo On a certain afternoon, hearing that Pena had gone to the mouth of the river with Don Rosendo, our Sinforoso ventured to enter the Cafe Marina and call for a bottle of beer.
  • dowsed Every light was dowsed on board, and the bells were even not allowed to be struck.
  • doesn't What, doesn't he now?

207 words made from the letters tousend

3 letter words made from tousend:

neo, ten, toe, dts, duo, end, set, dun, not, est, eos, nod, son, dot, nut, use, out, sen, sue, sot, don, tun, sun, tod, ted, oed, nsu, ute, ton, edo, uns, des, doe, eon, net, dos, den, due, one, sod, ent, sou, ode.

5 letter words made from tousend:

donut, useto, dueto, tenos, setun, doust, stoen, doune, onset, tsuno, neots, tunde, tsune, nosed, sound, doesn, snout, unedo, ouden, dones, todes, dusen, desto, seoud, doest, nodus, sundt, stoun, stone, duson, dunts, tends, tsuen, nutso, dunes, seond, douen, eunos, tones, noted, outen, deuto, stude, tendo, sendo, odets, etons, toned, udons, tuned, todus, tosed, donts, unted, tonus, tosun, dents, usted, suton, tunes, denso, nouse, douse, unode, duets, seton, unsod, nudes, touns, ondes, tendu, etsou, outed, tunds, ouest, notes, tenso, sunde, doute, doten, dunst, tondu.

4 letter words made from tousend:

duen, usen, endo, suon, oust, dust, sent, duos, odet, tund, neus, tune, tues, nods, send, dose, sdot, udot, oned, dots, tend, eudo, done, oude, dote, node, stud, snot, setu, ndou, eous, suen, tuen, nude, ento, otus, dune, nets, tons, nose, oseu, donu, sone, sude, osun, nute, ndut, tone, udos, uden, teso, tous, doun, used, toun, tsen, deut, utne, stun, udon, dent, nous, duse, ueno, ends, ouen, undo, nout, tsou, nuts, suet, nest, osen, tuno, onus, note, suto, sonu, edun, duet, eons, toed.

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