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How to spell TOVE correctly?

If "tove" is misspelled, possible correct suggestions could be "dove", "rove", "love" or "cove". It would depend on the context of the word and the intended meaning. However, if the misspelling is a specific reference to the character Tove Jansson, then it should be spelled correctly as "Tove."

List of suggestions on how to spell tove correctly

  • cove The boat docked in the secluded cove, surrounded by rugged cliffs and crystal-clear water.
  • dove The dove flew away as we approached.
  • Hove I hove my boat out of the water onto the trailer.
  • jove Jove was the Roman god of sky and thunder, equivalent to the Greek god Zeus.
  • love
  • move
  • rove The band of thieves would often rove from town to town, looking for their next target.
  • stove
  • toe
  • toke He took a long toke from the joint and passed it to his friend.
  • Tole I love the delicate flowers painted on this tole tray.
  • tome I have never read such a thick tome.
  • tone The tone in her voice indicated that she was not pleased with the situation.
  • tore She tore her dress while climbing over the fence.
  • tote
  • trove
  • Wove She wove a beautiful tapestry on her loom.

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