How to spell TRA correctly?

We think the word tra is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell tra correctly

  • ara And having dressed up one of her men in secret, she caused the following proclamation to be spread among the people: The gods have licked Ara and have brought him back to life again, thus fulfilling our prayers and our pleasures.
  • bra Stepping back, Cade used a finger to pull the bra free of her and hung it on one of the hangers as he leaned to kiss her shoulder again.
  • era Sir William Jones in his day, claimed for Sanscrit literature a vast antiquity, and asserted the existence of the religions of Egypt, Greece, India, and Italy, prior to the Mosaic Era.
  • ira 47; De Ira, iii.
  • ra Into one of the Pow-ha-tan villages that stood very near the shores of Chesapeake Bay, and almost opposite the now historic site of Yorktown, came one biting day, in the winter of 1607, an Indian runner, whose name was Ra-bun-ta.
  • ta His name was Ai Du Ka Ta.
  • tara Just as the old Irish kings were forbidden by their customs to do this or that, to cross a certain moor on May morning, or to listen to the winnowing of the night-fowl's wings in the dusk above the lake of Tara; so the kings of England shunned to enter Oxford, and to come within the walls of Frideswyde the maiden.
  • tea You have had tea?"
  • tia From this signal, bending in a perfect crescent, with a silver rim, the shore sweeps around twenty-five miles to another promontory running down beyond Tia Juana to the Point of Rocks, in Mexican territory.
  • trad Radio Boogie (Mayo, Smith) 2:44 Aint Gonna Work Tomorrow (trad.
  • tram An Eighth Avenue tram-car was ringing its gong violently.
  • trap I won't go near the trap.
  • tray He set down a tray he was carrying, and came and stood beside Nick.
  • try "He wanted to speak, he wanted to ask me a question," said Horace, with sobs he did not try to control.
  • Ora Santo mio Padre e dolce mio Signore, ora aiutami in ogni mio ministero.
  • NRA fernando de magallains & Ruy falero caualleros de la orden de san tiago nros capitans generales dell annada q mandamos haser para yr a descobrir & a los otros capitans particulares de la dha armada & pilotos & maestres & contramaestres & marineros de las naos de la dha armada, porquanto yo tengo por cierto segund la mucha informacio que he avido de personas que por esperiencia lo An visto q en las islas de maluco ay la especieria q principalmente ys a buscar con esa dha armada & my voluntad es que derechamente sigais el viage a las dhas islas por la forma e mana que lo he dicho e mandado a vos el dcho fernando de magallains, porende yo vos mando A todos & a cada uno de vos q en la navegacion del dho viage sigais el parecer & determinacio del dho fernando de magallains para que ants e primero que a otra parte alguna vais a las dhas islas de maluco sin que en ello Aya ninguna falta, porq asy cumple A nro seruicio & despues De fecho esto se podra buscar lo demas que convenga conforme A lo q ileuais madado & los unos nj los otros non fagads njn fagan ende Al por alguna mana, so pena, de pdimy de biens e las psonas a la nra merced fecha en Barcelona a diez & nueve dias del mes de abril ano de mjll quinientos & diez e nueve anos.
  • Tran Anopheles symesi Edwards 1928 Anopheles tenebrosus Donitz 1902 Anopheles ziemanni Grunberg 1902 Group Hyrcanus (Reid 1953) Anopheles anthropophagus Xu and Feng 1975 Anopheles argyropus Swellengrebel 1914 Anopheles belenrae Rueda 2005 Anopheles changfus Ma 1981 Anopheles chodukini Martini 1929 Anopheles dazhaius Ma 1981 Anopheles engarensis Kanda & Oguma 1978 Anopheles hailarensis Xu JinJiang & Luo XinFu 1998 Anopheles heiheensis Ma 1981 Anopheles hyrcanus* Pallas 1771 Anopheles junlianensis Lei 1996 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu and Feng 1975 Anopheles kleini Rueda 2005 Anopheles kummingensis Dong & Wang 1985 Anopheles kweiyangensis Yao & Wu 1944 Anopheles liangshanensis Kang Tan Cao Cheng Yang & Huang 1984 Anopheles nimpe Nguyen, Tran & Harbach Anopheles pseudopictus Graham 1899 Anopheles pullus Yamada 1937 Anopheles sinensis* Wiedemann 1828 Anopheles sineroides Yamada 1924 Anopheles xiaokuanus Ma 1981 Anopheles xui Dong, Zhou, Dong & Mao 2007 Anopheles yatsushiroensis Miyazaki 1951 Subgroup Lesteri (Harrison 1972) Anopheles crawfordi Reid 1953 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu & Feng 1975 Anopheles lesteri de Meillon 1931 Anopheles paraliae Sandosham 1959 Anopheles peditaeniatus Leicester 1908 Anopheles vietnamensis Manh Hinh & Vien 1993 Subgroup Nigerrimus (Harrison 1972) Anopheles nigerrimus* Giles 1900 Anopheles nitidus Harrison, Scanlon & Reid 1973 Anopheles pseudosinensis Baisas 1935 Anopheles pursati Laveran 1902 Group Umbrosus (Reid 1950) Anopheles brevipalpis Roper 1914 Anopheles brevirostris Reid 1950 Anopheles hunteri Strickland 1916 Anopheles samarensis Rozeboom 1951 Anopheles similissimus Strickland & Chowdhury 1927 Subgroup Baezai (Rattanarithikul et al.
  • TR Tr. from the French, 1874.
  • TWA "It's a pity there's no a dizzen or twa o' them in Awbrahawm's boasom.
  • TVA After her first husbands death, Baker went to work for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).
  • TBA 2017 It (based on the 1986 novel) 2017 Geralds Game (based on the 1992 novel) 2017 1922 (based on the 2010 novella) 2018 Children of the Corn: Runaway (sequel to the 2011 film) 2019 Pet Sematary (based on the 1983 novel, filming) 2019 It: Chapter Two (based on the 1986 novel, filming) 2019 In the Tall Grass (based in the 2012 novella, filming) 2020 Doctor Sleep (based on the 2013 novel, in development) TBA The Long Walk (based on the 1979 novel, in development)

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