How to spell TRAIGH correctly?

We think the word traigh is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell traigh correctly

  • drag "Why should you want to drag the boat so far?...
  • raid They'd been known to raid a camp of Indians to carry away a man for food.
  • right It was the fromage, all right.
  • tag It was doing him an evil turn, but we sent him the brass tag that shines like gold.
  • tight I have a really tight schedule today.
  • torah God's law is the Torah.
  • trad The trad shop is always a good place to find old jewelry.
  • trail
  • train
  • trait I have a strong trait for being organized.
  • tram The tram was delayed by the snow.
  • trap I found a trapdoor under the bed.
  • trash
  • trashy Dave is a trashy guy.
  • tray She placed a tray of hors d'oeuvres on the coffee table.
  • triad
  • triage A triage zone is a designated area set up to quickly determine the seriousness of a medical emergency.
  • trial
  • trier The trier of the sorting is the device which determines the order in which objects are placed into a container.
  • trig I need to switch trigonometry classes.
  • trim The tree needs to be trimmed so it doesn't take over the yard.
  • trio
  • trip I'm taking a trip to New Orleans this weekend.
  • trough
  • wright Ken was a weaver before he became a wright.
  • Trug I couldn't believe how much treasure there was buried underneath the rug - a huge trug full of gold coins!
  • Uriah He was the Uriah of Zebedee's carpenter shop.
  • Trisha After working all day, Trisha wanted to get a massage.
  • Traci My sister-in-law is Traci.
  • Tracie
  • Tran James became frustrated with the lack of progress on the project and decided to take a break.
  • RAH The rest of us will concern ourselves with finding out whether the rah-rah fellows are still outside the hotel.
  • taiga No one knows who or what is in the Taiga, and it only happens in winter that people come through the Taiga from the far north with reindeer for bread.
  • truing Bob tried to true the bracelet but it wouldn't stretch.

List of 77 words made from the word traigh

3 letter words made from traigh:

air, art, hag, tia, rat, gar, tai, iga, tag, ira, rag, tar, rig, tri, trh, hrt, hat, rit, gat.

4 letter words made from traigh:

5 letter words made from traigh:

hagit, hirat, girth, ghati, thagi, rihga, griha, triga, rahit, gitar, ghari, grita, tarig, garhi, thira, harti, right, garih, taghi, harit, hitra, raith, tahri, tragi, gaith, tigar, rathi, airth.

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  • irreducibly
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  • irritable
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