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How to spell TRAINGING correctly?

If you've misspelled "trainging", fear not! The correct spelling is "training". Double-check your work, proofread thoroughly or use digital tools like spell-checkers to avoid such mistakes. Stay focused, and remember that consistent practice is the key to perfect spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell trainging correctly

  • Braining I'm currently braining on how to solve this math problem.
  • bringing I am bringing the cake to the party.
  • cringing I was cringing as I watched him embarrass himself in front of the entire crowd.
  • draining Cleaning the pool can be a draining chore, but it's necessary to keep it in good condition.
  • Fringing The fringing on the envelope was very noticeable.
  • raining It's raining heavily outside today.
  • ringing The phone was ringing but nobody picked it up.
  • straining She was straining to complete the last few minutes of the intense workout.
  • Stringing The cat was sitting in a sunny spot, contentedly stringing together a few soft toys.
  • tinging The sound of the church bells was tinging softly in the distance.
  • trailing The dog's leash was trailing behind him as he ran away from his owner.
  • training I need to attend some training to become a better doctor.
  • Twinging She felt a sudden twinging in her back after lifting the heavy box.
  • Wringing I was wringing my hands in agitation.

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