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How to spell TRAKING correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "traking" instead of "tracking", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions to rectify the error. Double-check and use the correct term "tracking" for accurate monitoring and following up on progress, packages or data. Avoid confusion and ensure effective communication with accurate spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell traking correctly

  • braking The car suddenly came to a stop using hard braking.
  • racking I'm racking my brain but I can't seem to remember where I put my keys.
  • raging The river was raging due to the heavy rainfall.
  • Raking Raking leaves onto the compost pile makes it easier for the worms to eat.
  • Streaking Streaking is considered to be a criminal offense in many jurisdictions.
  • striking The colors of the sunset were striking against the darkening sky.
  • stroking She sat on the couch, stroking her cat's fur.
  • tacking The sailor adjusted the sails by tacking multiple times to catch the wind.
  • taking
  • talking
  • tanking Our team is tanking and needs to get back to winning ways.
  • Taring
  • Tasking Tasking my team with the project proved to be a success as we completed it ahead of schedule.
  • tracing
  • tracking I'm using a GPS tracking device to monitor my pet's whereabouts.
  • trading Trading in the financial markets requires knowledge of risk management strategies.
  • train I will take the train to visit my family this weekend.
  • Trekking She is about to embark on a trekking expedition in the Himalayas.
  • Tricking Tricking people into buying products they don't need is unethical.
  • trucking The trucking industry is a vital part of the global economy.
  • truing Truing the bicycle wheel is an important step in maintaining its efficiency and safety.
  • wracking The pain she felt after the accident was wracking.
  • Wreaking The hurricane was wreaking havoc on the coastal town, destroying homes and businesses alike.

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