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How to spell TRAKLES correctly?

If you mistakenly type "trakles" instead of "tackles", fear not! Automatic spelling corrections can save the day by suggesting the correct word, "tackles". It prevents confusion and ensures that your text is error-free. Technology's ability to recognize and rectify errors certainly makes our lives easier!

List of suggestions on how to spell trakles correctly

  • brakes The car screeched to a stop as the brakes were suddenly applied.
  • crackles As the logs burned in the fireplace, they emitted a comforting sound of crackles.
  • cradles The delicate figurine was carefully placed in the cradles of the packaging to prevent any damage during shipping.
  • drakes The drakes quacked loudly as they swam across the pond.
  • grackles The grackles were noisy and their squawking annoyed the neighbors.
  • Grakles
  • Herakles Herakles was a famous hero in ancient Greek mythology.
  • oracles The oracles predicted a bright future for the kingdom.
  • rakes The gardener used rakes to tidy up the fallen leaves in the yard.
  • rales The doctor detected rales in my lungs, indicating a possible respiratory infection.
  • rankles The unfair treatment she received still rankles her after all these years.
  • tables I need to buy some tables for my outdoor party next weekend.
  • tackles The football team's defensive end relentlessly tackles the opposing team's quarterback.
  • takes My dog takes forever to go potty in the morning.
  • tales I love reading fantasy tales about dragons and magic.
  • Thales Thales of Miletus is considered the first philosopher in the Western tradition.
  • tickles The feeling of the soft feathers on my skin tickles me.
  • tinkles The sound of tinkles alerted the owner that someone was entering his shop.
  • traces I found traces of my lost phone in the couch cushions.
  • trackless The trackless desert seemed to stretch on for miles without any end in sight.
  • trades John learned multiple trades such as welding, carpentry, and plumbing.
  • trailed The hiker trailed the mountain path until he reached the summit.
  • trailer The new trailer for the upcoming movie was so exciting that it broke the record for the most views in 24 hours.
  • trailers The trailers were lined up in a row, ready for the next camping trip.
  • trails I love exploring hiking trails in the mountains.
  • tramples The elephant tramples over the tall grass as it makes its way towards the waterhole.
  • trances During the meditation, she would often enter deep trances in which she felt completely at peace.
  • trashes I always pick up any trashes I find on the beach so it stays clean.
  • trawled He trawled through the documents for hours, searching for any useful information.
  • trawler The fisherman set out on his trawler early in the morning to catch a large haul of shrimp.
  • trawlers The new fishing regulations limit the number of trawlers allowed in the designated area.
  • trawls He trawls the internet looking for new and interesting recipes to try.
  • treadles She gracefully operated the treadles on the weaving loom, creating intricate patterns in the fabric.
  • trebles The lead singer sang the trebles while the rest of the band played the accompaniment.
  • trickles The sound of trickling water from the fountain provided a calming ambience to the garden.
  • trifles She was always concerned with trifles, never realizing the bigger picture.
  • trikes The children were riding their new trikes in the park.
  • triples The basketball player made three consecutive triples in the final seconds of the game to win it for his team.
  • truckles I refuse to truckle to anyone's demands or expectations.

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