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How to spell TRANIING correctly?

For the misspelling "traniing", consider these correct suggestions: "training", "tuning", "trailing" or "trading". While "training" would be the most likely intended word, the others may be acceptable depending on the context. It is always helpful to proofread and use spell-check tools to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell traniing correctly

  • Craning She was using her fingers to scratch her head while craning her neck to see the TV.
  • tanning She spends hours tanning on the beach every weekend.
  • tracing She carefully examined the tracing of the blueprint to ensure that every measurement was precise.
  • tracking The tracking information shows that your package has been delivered.
  • trading I am interested in learning more about trading in the stock market.
  • trailing The hiker noticed he was trailing behind his group and quickened his pace to catch up.
  • training I am currently undergoing a rigorous training program to prepare for an upcoming marathon.
  • Tramming The tramming incident occurred last night on the transit system.
  • trapping He was able to catch the fish by trapping it in the net.
  • Trashing I hate how some people enjoy trashing the environment without any regard for future generations.
  • trawling The fishermen spent all night trawling for shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Trending The trending topic on social media right now is the eclipse.
  • truanting I was so mad at my kid for truanting from school.

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