Correct spelling for TRANSION

We think the word transion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for transion

  • tarantino
  • tension And he was under high tension, too.
  • traction Already he predicted motor traction on a large scale, while yet the invention was little more than a new toy for the wealthy.
  • tradition Secondly, it pursued to the very utmost the tradition of allegorising, of which the Roman de la Rose had established the popularity.
  • transition She watched with admiring wonder the transition of buds into blossoms; and their changes of form and color.
  • trenton Hearing that the enemy was at least ready to move forward, Cadwalader's and Mifflin's troops were called in to Trenton, and preparations made to receive the attack unflinchingly.
  • truncheon Antinous is attired with the Egyptian head-dress and waistband: he holds a short truncheon firmly clasped in each hand; and by his side is a palm-stump, such as one often finds in statues of the Greek Hermes.
  • fourth-and-one
  • colony-forming Growth inhibition of granulocyte-macrophage colony-forming cells by human cytidine deaminase requires the catalytic function of the protein".

321 words made from the letters transion

3 letter words made from transion:

oat, ans, ras, tar, tao, ani, irs, tai, ton, tor, nit, tin, nan, rot, tan, inn, ion, air, sir, oas, not, sin, tri, rit, oar, iso, son, sat, sit, rio, ron, art, rna, ira, tia, sot, ain, ant, rat.

5 letter words made from transion:

natio, sarno, siart, arnos, troas, niota, astin, nonis, nisan, sarin, rosin, arson, taosi, aitor, inson, rosit, ninas, stain, rants, riant, rinas, iatro, trons, satin, ranon, nario, ratin, airts, ostan, tarso, anion, santi, otras, artin, riano, sanno, nitra, sitno, rinna, sanin, notin, annos, niton, astro, rosan, siron, ornis, tonis, trios, osani, ranni, ronis, nitro, trois, sinon, trion, staro, saint, naito, stoai, artos, saori, sanon, ostra, rison, ratso, ariot, siano, snirt, saito, naris, taros, trans, intra, ninos, trani, astir, noirs, sonin, raits, nisra, ronts, tsair, sarto, rinoa, rinat, tiano, tiran, natin, ioras, tarns, natos, narin, nanto, atrio, tinos, sinno, anios, insan, intan, risto, osita, oiran, oints, rosti, sotra, tsion, tirso, sirat, sarni, saton, aiton, stoia, intar, stair, nirta, sinna, rotan, orani, raion, otari, stirn, ninoa, atoni, strin, ratio, roast, stria, antos, narni, sitar, sarti, rinso, inano, stonn, sinan, otani, nansi, sonti, tanon, sonar, ation, iotas, astor, onair, oirat, noria, roans, orisa, nonia, intro, isarn, aints, ritan, soran, irans, stann, trian, nison, rotas, torna, ianto, sinar, anino, nason, tanni, arons, nanri, sinta, triso, irons, sario, nasri, stora, airns, isnot, tiars, notas, onias, tonin, ranis, insta, tonna, rinta, satir, ratos, artio, norin, soria, train, otira, tosar, niort, rotis, tions, orant, naron, snort, risan, roins, tosin, saron, nisar, tanno, stran, rasin.

4 letter words made from transion:

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