What is the correct spelling for TRAVEING?

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Correct spelling for TRAVEING

We think the word traveing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for traveing

  • braving Braving the storm, she turned in the direction of her home, with this resolution as firmly rooted in her mind as if she had deliberated for months and months.
  • craving Though I had made a good supper I had only done so to satisfy my craving for food and to regain my strength, and sleep came to me with an irresistible force, as my physical exhaustion did not leave me the power of arguing myself out of it.
  • driving The very first day he came, Aunt Hattie told me never to talk to Charles, or bother him with questions; that it was better he should keep his mind entirely on his driving.
  • raven I have heard of a worse case than ours-of a raven having been taken for a buffalo!"
  • ravine She even condescended to admire the deep-cleft ravine in which we bivouacked for the night, and to admit that the orchids which hung from the tall trees were as fine as any at her florist's in Piccadilly.
  • raving Well, then, I listened patiently to a good deal of raving from Kelly on the subject of Hermia Herrick.
  • roving Many of the merchants, like the roving tar who has a sweetheart at every port, have a wife at every city of The Desert and Soudan where they trade.
  • striving Two persons appeared on the threshold, the one striving to make his way in, the other to resist the invasion.
  • tavern The rest of the meal would be sent in at a few minutes' notice from the tavern at the entrance of the court.
  • tracing On the barge, we got the letter that led to the tracing of Ivan at the gambling-house in Smike Street.
  • tracking Were you thinking of tracking the dog, then?
  • trading I did not interfere when you threw up the position I made for you in the Trading Company and took that studio.
  • trailing To his astonishment he perceived that it was trailing the mouse!
  • train Do not take the last train.
  • training The best training is in use.
  • trapping To the northward the width of the lagoon gradually increased until, at a place thirty miles north of our trapping station, the lagoon was almost 20 miles wide.
  • traveling A few years ago, when I thought of traveling, I set out without hesitation, and went to the ends of the earth.
  • travelling On the chair beside my bed lay my travelling-bag, I packed it early in the morning for my noon-day departure, and it contained, as I now remembered, ten silver thalers, every penny I possessed in the world.
  • trevino
  • Graving 3:9 For behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua; upon one stone shall be seven eyes: behold, I will engrave the graving thereof, saith the LORD of hosts, and I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.
  • Reeving
  • Riving
  • Tarring
  • Taring
  • Tramming
  • Trashing
  • Travailing
  • Traversing
  • Treeing
  • trawling
  • truing
  • strafing

415 words made from the letters traveing

5 letter words made from traveing:

invar, raven, vaire, nagri, venga, rinta, arent, ngari, virta, inger, grita, nevar, vitae, netra, terna, vieta, tenir, rangi, einat, ngati, etang, niter, etgar, intra, anier, grani, viger, niver, griet, ingra, vange, grian, niger, iarge, itera, gaite, renig, retag, envia, nativ, trave, getin, tigar, grate, reing, ivrea, genri, giner, tange, anger, riant, tarve, negra, aiver, ganev, tager, renta, trani, vrain, regna, trian, varin, tinga, ravne, nivet, ntare, artin, vigna, vegar, virga, vanir, tragi, gerin, avnet, given, agren, griev, ignat, tinag, vingt, vengi, atire, rinat, entia, renga, gaver, earnt, aegir, gitar, griva, agner, arine, gante, nitre, areni, ritan, rivet, grain, taven, erian, vieng, nivea, avine, nirav, itgav, vigra, venta, angre, tangi, garet, treni, tenia, argei, retia, vegan, ratin, givat, tiran, vitra, grant, vient, tinea, tarig, naret, great, giver, irena, nigar, vitre, vraie, rigan, ering, nieva, ergin, intar, negri, eatin, teign, agent, train, verni, gavit, tngri, nigra, tinge, verit, anter, verga, ragni, irate, taing, ritva, terni, raite, tanev, range, tengi, giren, angei, avent, vinga, tavgi, nirta, ertan, viter, triga, ringa, tenga, trine, aveni, ragin, rivne, venti, geant, vatne, riage, taeng, ravni, grine, veria, grean, vigen, inert, renai, ragen, inter, venit, tiger, garni, viren, ringe, terai, nager, avert, taver, netiv, varni, retin, viant, ative, reign, viena, tiang, regni, tiner, ainge, vaine, avrin, verin, ating, gerti, nerva, etian, reang, giant, naive, tenri, rieng, vinet, tagen, teria, viera, teian, grein, negar, grave, nitra, vetri, viane, vigan, ivane, vinea, negai, vinge, gaint, vigne, revan, nervi, graet, varie, raeti, tegra, venir, iater, tieng, tring, gater, riang.

4 letter words made from traveing:

iten, gent, ante, evat, rage, ngae, agni, gien, nagi, egin, rive, nega, aver, etna, nave, gnat, tear, gati, trna, rite, tang, rein, nitv, tarn, veni, ieva, gvir, revi, geta, rega, nget, grit, near, vent, vane, gaen, ving, vine, reti, girt, rent, tern, egna, tire, nive, rate, taig, nige, rant, engi, veag, neva, tver, avgi, gate, ring, trei, neat, gait, rave, rain, ting, gean, tier, tvgn, aevi, eang, gear, anti, vien, tian, vein, vage, eira, vega, inge, reni, raie, aire, give, erni, tean, earn, taei, vena, trig, tevi, airt, vier, tera, viae, ragi, teav, varg, vain, tare, veng, reit, tvri, grin, riga, gari, tive, vart, inga, rani, tine, iran, evit, egri, gran, gain.

3 letter words made from traveing:

iga, ige, gat, ret, are, ate, eta, ira, teg, ern, gin, rag, nit, gar, air, vet, tai, tia, rit, ert, ani, net, tar, eat, van, ten, era, erg, vie, tea, art, iva, vat, nig, rig, tie, ear, tin, var, ain, age, ire, ane, ter, get, rat, rev, ant, gen, tan, rna, ent, tag, nag, tri.

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