What is the correct spelling for TRAVING?

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Correct spelling for TRAVING

We think the word traving is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for traving

  • braving He stuck his head out to see, braving the furious sweep of the stinging sand.
  • craving The time might, indeed, surely would have come, had she remained in the convent, when a sudden need and hunger for sympathy, and perhaps excitement, would have risen in her soul, too keen and imperative to be satisfied with past memories; and when, in the absence of all support and friendship in the outer world, she might have seized on whatever she could find in the narrow circle in which she moved, to still that imperious craving.
  • deriving But, if it really functions in the life of the citizen, this process must consist largely in deriving educational values from the actual civic situations in which he normally finds himself.
  • drawing No, you needn't come into the drawing-room; I really couldn't show myself with you.
  • driving But look here, suppose a great ship came driving round the head here and struck?
  • ravine "Up in the ravine just before you get to Higgins Hall.
  • raving Sure she's mad, yet she walks loose about, And she has Charms even in her raving Fit.
  • roving I was resolved not to give him any further cause for anxiety on account of my adventurous and roving ways.
  • striving It was like some power of darkness striving to beat them back.
  • tearing Shall we be tearing you away?
  • thriving The city, which was well built and thriving, was so hidden in its labyrinth of canals and streamlets, that it seemed almost as difficult a matter to find Sluys as to conquer it.
  • tracing The formation of each is well shown by tracing the combustion in a coal fire.
  • tracking From the fourth of the above-mentioned ordinances I will quote the law about the tracking of cattle lost, stolen, or strayed:- 2. "And if any one track cattle within another's land, the owner of that land is to track it out, if he can; if he cannot, that track is to count as the fore-oath," i.
  • trading He answered that he was doing a nice bit of trading.
  • trailing The practice I had with it made the ascent easy now, and perhaps it was this that rendered me careless, for, as I was climbing, my foot slipped with a grating noise, and as I stopped for a moment, with one leg over the parapet and the other trailing over the drop behind, I heard a quick 'What is that?
  • train The train was late, and, when it came, it came without her, of course.
  • training 2. When should training to fix these habits begin?
  • trapping "Pat's trapping this winter instead of lumbering, and we're going to spend a week in a real trapper's camp, and snow-shoe and have no end of fun.
  • traveling Many days' traveling before they reached the mail boat and then many more before they could lift New York Harbor.
  • trevino
  • trying
  • Draping The strains of the beautiful music seemed to Stainton to be a loveliness unworthily draping, on the stage, the story of a base man's perfidy; and the pleasant indiscretions of the fashionable opera-gowns to be clothing, in the audience, none but women that had already stripped their souls in one or other of the scandalous rituals imposed by modern law for the dissolution of the most private of relationships.
  • Graving Oh, never melt awa, thou wreath o' snaw, That's sae kind in graving me; But hide me frae the scorn and guffaw O' villains like Robin-a-Ree!
  • Riving Many a green isle needs must be In the deep wide sea of Misery, Or the mariner, worn and wan, Never thus could voyage on Day and night, and night and day, Drifting on his dreary way, With the solid darkness black Closing round his vessel's track; Whilst above, the sunless sky Big with clouds, hangs heavily, And behind the tempest fleet Hurries on with lightning feet, Riving sail, and cord, and plank, Till the ship has almost drank Death from the o'er-brimming deep; And sinks down, down, like that sleep When the dreamer seems to be Weltering through eternity; And the dim low line before Of a dark and distant shore Still recedes, as ever still Longing with divided will, But no power to seek or shun, He is ever drifted on O'er the unreposing wave, To the haven of the grave.
  • Tarring
  • Taring
  • Tramming
  • Trashing
  • Treading
  • Treating
  • Treeing
  • Proving There is no means of proving that 2 Samuel xxii.
  • Travis
  • trowing
  • trawling
  • truing
  • strafing In addition to strafing Japanese ground forces with cannon and machine gun fire, Boomerangs would often deploy smoke bombs to mark valuable targets for other units to attack.
  • trialing

149 words made from the letters traving

4 letter words made from traving:

varg, avgi, ving, trna, inga, tarn, agni, gait, gnat, airt, gran, grit, trig, ting, vain, rant, nitv, tvri, ring, anti, gain, gari, taig, rani, nagi, vart, tian, rain, ragi, gati, iran, gvir, grin, riga, tvgn, girt, tang.

3 letter words made from traving:

iva, gat, nit, rit, tag, vat, tan, ant, nig, art, ira, var, rna, tia, rig, tar, ani, van, tri, rat, gar, rag, tai, iga, ain, gin, nag, air, tin.

5 letter words made from traving:

nigra, gitar, giant, grant, ignat, ritan, ragni, virta, vitra, ragin, taing, tinga, rangi, intra, nitra, train, tring, vanir, nirav, vingt, ngati, artin, rinta, rinat, vigra, givat, avrin, nirta, grani, riang, rigan, intar, tangi, triga, nigar, gavit, grita, grain, tiang, ngari, garni, ingra, ravni, trian, ratin, nativ, vigan, vigna, tinag, riant, ringa, varin, tragi, grian, itgav, viant, tiran, tarig, ating, invar, nagri, ritva, tigar, vrain, varni, vinga, griva, virga, tngri, gaint, trani, tavgi.

6 letter words made from traving:

granit, grivna, ingrat, raving, traing, gartin, vintar, tarvin, rating, vrinat, tringa.

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